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Abandoned Amusement Park Marshal Scotty’s Photo Shoot

You all know how much I love to dress up my kids in costumes, paint their faces or put makeup on them and then take their pictures. Well, I had a blast last year getting ready for Halloween!

Here is my post from Halloween years past…

Do you all remember the old Marshal Scotty’s Playland Park? It’s the old amusement park 2 exits up the 8 east, that was abandoned in the mid 1990’s.

I had the rare opportunity to take some photos there while they transformed it into Scotty’s Scare trail for Halloween. I was like a kid in the candy store.

I decided to make it into a scary picture story. Little Laney Lou went to Marshal Scary Scotty’s and met a clown.

Here is the story…

Little Laney Lou went to Marshal Scary Scotty’s to ride the Ferris Wheel. She loved the Ferris Wheel. She brought her doll Francis so she could have fun too.

She also got to ride the Little Dipper roller coaster.   She met a clown who liked to play dolls.

She followed the clown over the bridge and to the pool.

Laney Lou played life guard at the pool. She explored the changing rooms.

And they all lived hauntingly ever after…. or did they?

Another day in my life.