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Happy St. Patricks Day!

I love to make costumes and when I was a kid I loved being in the theater, doing plays and dressing up. Dude and I would put on a production every summer. We would make costumes and involve all the neighborhood kids in whatever play we were doing.  One summer we decided to do the theatrical production/lip-synch of our Alice in Wonderland vinyl record ( I am sure some of you have no idea what a record is).

We practice in the back yard every day. We even made costumes out of paper bags. We cut holes in the top for the neck and sides for the arms. We then painted them to look like the cards for the queen of hearts. Summers are pretty hot in San Diego. When our mom called us in for lunch one day, we left our record on the player, out in the sun. When we went back outside to practice, our record had warped!
That was the end of our Alice in Wonderland production. We were pretty upset.
So you get the idea where my creativeness to make costumes and dress people up comes from.
I got this leprechaun idea a couple years ago. My friend has little red head boys and I knew they would be perfect little leprechauns. I am pretty happy with the way the photos turned out and it was a lot of fun to do.
Here is what I did…
I bought the jackets at the thrift store.  I first tried dying them with fabric dye but that didn’t work. So, I resorted to spray paint. Then I washed them because I didn’t want the children to be breathing toxic spray paint jacket fumes. The spray-painted fabric actually washed pretty well. It was a little stiff. But the smell went away.
03-25-2013 043
Next I made the shoes. I took old tap shoes and a couple toilet paper rolls.  I then used brown duct tape and wrapped the shoes so they look like long pointy toed shoes. I got an old purse from the thrift store and cut the buckles off. I used those for the shoebuckles with a flap of Velcro so the kids could get them on and off.
They fit good and the kids loved them but they’re really hard to walk in!
The belts, well I couldn’t find kids belts so I used regular adult size belts.  I cut them down the back and sewed them together on the sewing machine so they were smaller.
I used the fabric from the curtains at my old house to make ascots. It’s just a tube of fabric that I wrapped around their neck like a scarf and tied it.
I bought the hats at Disneyland and wrapped them with fabric so they didn’t look like Tinkerbell and the Mad Hatter. I was going to make mini top hats, and found a really cool YouTube video, but I ran out of time.
The girl’s costume was a woman’s size small dress and a women’s lace top.  I pinched it up in the back with rubber bands and clips. She did’t understand the concept of the clips. She kept saying her dress didn’t fit her right. I told her it was only for dress up and that she didn’t have to wear it to school or anything. Then she said she liked it so much she wanted to wear it to school but the shoes would be hard to walk in!
I dug out some old brooches that I had in my jewelry box. I think they were my mom’s or I got them at an estate sale or something. I pinned those on the girl’s shirt and on one of the hats.
Now the make up, that was a little bit of work on the boys. They did not like nor understand the concept of wearing makeup. But once I showed them what they would like, they kind of liked it! I did end up having to bribe both the boys with promises of chocolate gold coins.  They were very disappointed that they couldn’t eat the gold coins that they were playing with in the pot.
My favorite part of the Photoshopping was the ears. That was super fun because they came out looking so real! And the fog. The fog was really fun to do and I think it gives it a creepy mystical effect.
I hope you enjoy my creepy little leprechauns. I’ve got a few other fun ones in the works and you’ll just have to wait to see what I do next.
Another day in my life.