In December of 1997 I had the great idea to make candles for my friends for Christmas. Having no clue what to do, I bought a book, some supplies and received a crash course in candle making from a friend. After some trial and error (I think I have a picture of that first candle somewhere), Designs By Chelle Candle Company was born!

Now, after 16 years of candle making I am still at it. I have very loyal customers and my Crème Brulee candle is highly sought after. The deep, rich, original scents I use are high quality and long lasting.

Once you experience my candles, you won’t want any other. I am hoping my candles will light up your life!

Please email me your order for pick up to or give me a call at 619-851-6333.untitled

  Here is an inventory list: List updated on 11/18/2015

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Crème Brulee Candles and Body Products:

There are NO Crème Brûlée Pillars or votives. Sorry.

Mason Jars


$20.00 Pint Mason Jar 16 oz.

$10.00 Small Mason Jar 8 oz.

Tins and Tart Bars

$8.00 Travel Tin 6 oz

$5.00 tart bars

Body products

$15.00 Body Spray, Body Wash, Body Lotion  8 oz with salt set

$15.00  Sugar Scrub 14 oz

$20.00  Body Butter 14 oz

Butter Cream/Sugar Cookie/Vanilla (it is all the same scent):

$19.95 Small Jar 12 ozcandle2

$10.95 Travel Tin 6 oz

$2 votives

$5.00 tart barssugar

$25.00 Large Jar 24 oz. Scents available:

Caramel Apple, Cucumber Melon, Sea Breeze, Lavender, Freesia, Peach,

$25.00 Large Painted Mason Jar 24 oz. Scents available:

Harvest Spiced Pie and Vanilla

$5.00 Tart Bars. Scents available:

Crème Brulee, Butter Cream, Caramel Apple, Apple Pie, Harvest Spiced Pie, Pumpkin Spice, Cucumber Melon, Passion Fruit, Lavender, Kiwi Banana, Tuti Fruiti, Tropical Island, OceanBreeze, Papaya, Cinnamin Cookie, Baby Powder, Raspberry Vanilla, Roasted Hazelnut, Roasted Marshmallow, Espresso, Cinnamon Christmas Coffee Cake, Mulberry, Cranberry, Cotton candy, Spring Bouquet, Floral Fantasy, Peonies & Plum, Cucmber Watermelon,  Lemon Tree, Cinnamint, Orange Juice, Cali Orange, Rootbeer, Beer, Margarita, Tropical Cooler, Lemonade,  Fuzzy navel, Downy and more…

Other candles:

There are NO Crème Brûlée Pillars or votives. Sorry.

$20 Medium Pillars 3×6”:Pumpkin Spice, Harvest Spiced Pie and Red Cinnamon.combo

$1 Votives:Harvest Spiced Pie, Pumpkin Spice

$25 Jumbo Pillars 4×6”:Pumpkin Spice, Butter Cream/ Vanilla/ Sugar Cookie and Harvest Spiced Pie.

$15 Small Pillar 3×4” :Green Frankincense and Myrrh

10/$2 t-lites (paraffin)Tiramisupillar

Tart Bars