Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is almost Valentine’s Day and I have been busy making the kids Valentine cards. Someone at the salon asked me yesterday if I could just buy the regular boxed Valentine’s and I said, “hmmmm, no”. I guess it is the creative forces at work in me that I have to come up with something cute and creative for my kids to hand out in class.

I had my work cut out for me at Teagan’s school because they don’t want you to give candy. I was going to make a card that said, “You are a cutie, Valentine” and give each kid a “Cutie” tangerine (maybe next year) but when I walked into Target and saw glow sticks, I changed my mind. I thought I was being original but in the world of the world-wide web, someone somewhere has probably already pulled it off. So, off I went to check. Low and behold I found exactly what I had in my mind to do for Teagan at stitchcraftcreations.com (she made it easy for me). Here is what I did.

My 2 semesters of Photoshop CS5 have come in handy. First I made him dress up and stand in front of his bedroom shades I had made out of galaxy fabric (this made it super easy to Photoshop). The hardest part was getting him to smile a “real” smile, not the fake forced one that he usually does for photos. He finally relaxed and had fun standing there when I told him how cool his Valentine’s were going to be. I really like the Jedi font, I think it makes the card (besides the kid, who I think is pretty stinking adorable!).

Now Delaney’s card was a little more complicated. My idea for her did not exist so go ahead pinners… pin away! Here is what I did.


I took a photo from Halloween of Delaney in her Merida costume (wig and all).  I found a forest like background and Photoshopped a wisp looking thing onto it because I wanted it to have a glow (you have to see the movie to know what I am talking about). Then I used the glow bracelet and made it look like the arrow.

The hardest part of this whole project was inserting the glow bracelet without snapping it and making it glow! I had quite a few casualties!

So, the kids are excited about the Valentines and so am I. Will I be able to top it next year? I don’t know…

Another day in my life.


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