Izzy, Jake and the Neverland Pirate Costumes!

My kids wanted to be Izzy and Jake from Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So, of coarse I am going to make that happen. Now, if it had been this Halloween, we wouldn’t have a problem because they have the costume at the Disney Store. It happened to be May of 2011 (Delaney wanted an Izzy birthday party) and there were no Jake and Izzy costumes to be found. I am always up to a creative challenge and it turned out to be quite easy. Here is what I did…


Here are all the pieces laid out so you can see.


For Teagan’s Jake costume I bought blue cotton velvet and some gold trim.I made a pattern with large lapels for the vest (I am sure you can get a kids vest pattern at the fabric store). I wanted to put giant gold buttons on the front of the vest but I ran out of time. I cut a 2) 36″ triangles of black cotton for boot covers, 1) 36″x 6″ strip of black cotton for the belt and 1) 36″x 6″ strip of red cotton for the headband.


The white shirt was actually a girls white cotton button up from the thrift store (don’t tell Teagan he wore a girls shirt, he will have a fit!) I cut the sleeves off in points to make them look “pirate-ish” and I cut small holes where the top three buttons were and laced black cord through the holes.


I made the pants out of polyester (again, I copied his pajama pants for a pattern but I am sure you can get a boys pajama pattern at the fabric store).

I am sure it would have looked great with black pirate boots that fold over. If I did it again, I would make some cool ones out of black duct tape (check this out for DIY duct tape boots).


 For Delaney’s Izzy costume I bought her purple leggings and a pink t-shirt from Walmart (the shirt has a heart on it because I couldn’t find a plain one but she loves it and doesn’t care). I cute 1) 36″ triangle of pink knit fabric for her head cover. 2) 2.5″ x 20″ strips of brown polyester (knit like fabric) for the ponytail wraps and the same brown fabric for the pouch.


 The pouch is 7.5″ wide and 4.5″ tall. I folded over 1.5″ and sewed a casing that I threaded a cord through. The cord is 24″ long (you have to make sure it will go over your child’s head). You can see I didn’t finish the ends where the cord comes out because this fabric doesn’t fray or unravel. The same thing with the ponytail wraps (you can see she has stretched them and they are snagged because she has been wearing this constantly for the last year).


Here is the finished pixie dust pouch when it is scrunched up (I had to dump the potato chips out before I took the picture).


 Here is the back view so you can see how we tie the ponytail fabric and the head wrap on. the pink knit fabric makes it a little stretchy and comfortable. The boots are cute but the same thing as the Jake costume, I would now make brown fold over pirate boots out of duct tape  (see how to link here).

So here is my little Izzy.

The most fun costumes ever!

My kids have had the best time with these costumes. In May of 2011 they wore these to San Diego’s Seaport Village Pirate Festival. At that time there were no Jake and Izzy costumes but every kid (and parent) knew exactly who they were. They were stopped constantly (not exaggerating here) by people wanting to take their picture with them. Teagan has grown out of his pants and shirt so I just sold his costume on Ebay and was shocked at the price I got for it (I would have never paid that much for a costume!). Delaney still wears her costume so there is no way I am getting rid of it. We are probably going to have to invest in some new purple leggings because her are now high waters!

Another day in my life.

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