I Have Been Editing Baseball Photos


I have been spending quite a bit of time at the ball field. Teagan loves baseball and so does Brad.

So, since I love photography and I love Teagan and Brad, I take pictures at baseball.

It has been really fun and I have captured some great plays with my camera (some of our team and some of the other teams!).

I came home the first day and loaded them all in Lightroom to look at them. I thought they were pretty awesome but I wanted them to stand out. I wanted the parents to look at the photos and think “Wow, what an awesome picture of my kid.” So, I decided to take some time and add my artistic retouches. What are those you ask? Well, I will tell you.

It is called Retouching or Artistic Editing. It is where I take a great photo and make it into a work of art. I change the texture of the background so the player stands out. I change the colors and I highlight around the player. I sometimes blurr out things in the background to really bring the attention of the image to the player. I change the texture of the skin (my mom calls it greasy, oily, waxy) and I like to think it makes the player look tough or gritty. I even have gone so far as to change the sky. This is not a quick process but it is worth it. I will show you some before retouch and after retouch for comparison. I think you will like what you see









Another day in my life.


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