The Sale is coming…

I am so excited. Saturday is less than a week away and I think I am almost ready. I tried to be ready early but you know how that goes. I keep adding stuff. Oh, I could do this or I can do that and the next thing you know I am up until 4 am the night before the sale! Not this year. I am going to be ready!

I have some new items this year.

mason 005

mason 003-1


Mason jars are so popular. So, I don’t want to disappoint.  I made 3 sizes of mason jar candles. I even went so far as to hand paint a few mason jars. My friends have already come over and have staked their claim to a few of them so I have an idea they are going to be popular!

I still have a few things to finish. I am making up some gift baskets to sell and I have to pour some more creme brulee tart bars. Other than that, I am ready!

I can’t wait to see all of you at the sale. I always have fun catching up with people I only see once a year.

Please check Facebook for coupons. You can print them or show them on your phone.













Another day in my life.

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