Month: April 2014

It is chalk and mineral paint, not chalkboard paint.

I took a chalk and mineral paint class a few weeks ago and it was so fun. I was hooked. This paint is not “chalk Board” paint, it is chalk paint. If you use 3 coats on a piece and you don’t seal it, then yes, you can write on it with chalk.


nighstand-beforeAnyway, I bought this dresser and nightstand at the thrift store. It was pretty dated (some people call that vintage!) and I decided to give it a little face lift (some people call it upcycle).

You don’t have to sand and prep your piece but since it was my first attempt I did.


  • I painted on a darker blue color called Dollar Bill by American Paint Company.
  • I then mixed in equal parts Linen by Cece Caldwell (white color) into my Dollar Bill paint.
  • My next coat was my mixed color.
  • I let it dry and then used a wet rag to wash it down and distress it the way I wanted.
  • I let that dry and then waxed it with Cece Caldwell’s cream wax.
  • I used American Paint Company Clear Coat on the top. I have been told to use that on high traffic surfaces.
  • 24 hours later I took my buffer brush attachment on my power drill and buffed it all (not the top with the clear coat) to a nice satin sheen.

I just listed my two pieces for sale! Contact me if you are interested.4-16-2014 015