Month: March 2014

Go Kristy Go!

I am so excited for the success of the Driven Trilogy! If you haven’t read Crashed yet, you better. I think Kristy has ruined me for all other books. She just has a way with words!

Kristy has given me the privilege of designing products for her book trilogy.

Now, you can know what Colton smells like! How exciting is that?

Click on the shop page and get your Colton and Rylee on!

Another day in my life.



Scratch and sniff for books! Who knew?

How would you like to know what Colton smells like? Or, how would you like to smell like Rylee?

Now you can. Check out my new Driven Trilogy candles, body sprays and wax tart bars. It’s like scratch and sniff for books!

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Another day in my life.