Month: January 2014

A few of my time management tips.

I had to visit Costco and Wal-Mart today (you know how I have issues with old people there). These are some of the things that made my day go smooth:

  • Go early. Late night too, but stores stock inventory at night and they might not have what you need on the floor.
  • Run your errands around doctor appointments. Go to stores that are close by the appointment. This saves time and gas.
  • Do your grocery shopping when you have an hour between appointments. Buy a bag of ice at the store with your groceries and bring a cooler or cooler bag so you don’t have to worry about getting home quickly. You can go to another appointment after grocery shopping and not have the pressure to return home because your food is going bad.
  • When at Costco or Wal-Mart park near a cart return so you can put your cart back quickly.
  • At Costco, don’t enter and then walk down the center aisle. You will get too distracted (unless you need something from the fun distracting isles). Walk down the far right aisle, straight to the back and then start shopping.
  • Shop without kids. It always takes twice as long with kids and it is not always a good bonding experience. Believe me, kids would much rather you have gotten it done while they are at school so they can spend quality time with you at home.
  • Be friendly. Just because you are in a hurry, you don’t have to be a jerk.
  • Don’t get frustrated with the old people who are eating their way through Costco. Remember, you will be old one day too!
  • Costco

Another day in my life.

I am not usually this busy.

I had my day planned out the night before. I need to make the most of my time so I had to be quick and efficient. I am having a cooking class Tupperware party tonight and the only time to shop for it was yesterday. I had that to do, and a million other things. I know I can pack it in, but this day was a little crazy. Most of my days are not this busy. Only half of them!

So, this is how it went.

7am:I got up and got the kids ready and drove them to school.

8:30: Dropped kids off at school. Ran into a couple of moms and talked for a bit (I must have a social life-come on).

9:00 Arrived at Wal-Mart to buy the groceries for the dinner. I also needed to do a return at Wal-Mart, so I figured early morning was the best time (no wait! yes!).

As I was waiting to return my stuff, the nicest man asked the clerk for help finding the veterans hospital clinic which he was told was nearby. Wal-Mart girl was of no help so I got out my phone and started Googling. This poor old guy was so confused and even though I had the busiest day ever planned, I was determined to help him.

I found an address but I tried my google Maps but I wasn’t getting any internet. After calling the clinic phone number and getting a national phone center (with a wait time of 32 minutes) I hung up. I asked the guy to go outside with me and we followed my cell phone around the front of the store (like we were looking for water with one of those sticks- I saw it on NatGeo once). We finally got bars and my Mapquest popped up. The clinic was in the shopping center next door. I had a good mind to put the little guy in my car and drive him over there but I know better (I live with the police- and I’m not that big a risk taker). I then saw the Wal-Mart manager and asked her if she knew of the clinic and she said she did. I thanked her, said goodbye (good luck and everything) and started to walk away. Pam (that was the Wal-Mart manager) says, “you mean you don’t know this man?”. I shook my head no and she then proceeded to tell me that I was a really kind stranger and thanked me for helping this man. After that I knew he would be in good hands with Pam.

I still wonder if he made it to the clinic. I hope so.

9:45: So, now I am off to Home Depot. I returned my ceiling fan (got it cheaper at Lowe’s with a coupon) and it is off to Costco.

9:50: Filled up with gas at Costco (yea, no line! I should do this more often).

10:00: Flying into Costco for my stuff (I have to stick to the list or I can get distracted).

10:20: Back in the car and on the way to my Dentist appointment.

10:30: noon: Dentist

Home by 12:20.

It took me about 30 minutes to unload everything and put it all away.

Feeeew, I am tired just writing it. Then when I got home, I had to make lunch for Naomi’s boys (long story, they forgot their lunch and it was half day at school) and sand Delaney’s loft bed that I am working on painting.

I ate lunch and was outside sanding by 1:30

From 1:30-3:30 I sanded the bed and I decided to put a coat of paint on before dark. NOT a good idea (the dew made the paint run and I have some sanding to do tomorrow). Nothing I could do about it. Oh well.

I bet you are wondering how my kids got home from school. Jermani picked them up. I love that girl.

I went inside changed out of my dusty clothes, ate dinner and waited for my first hair client at 5:30.

Worked in my hair salon from 5:30-8. Put the kids to bed, sat down and ate a snack and then watched TV from 9-12. Then went to bed!

How was that for a busy day? Too bad tomorrow is going to be the same. My mom says, “No rest for the wicked”. ha!

Teagan's tooth summer 2013 003 001Another day in my life.