Month: November 2013

We are going to visit Bethlehem!

This is  a blog from last Christmas but I wanted to share it with you all again. Faith Chapel in Spring Valley is doing the Bethlehem Story again this year for 3 nights only 6-9pm (no admittance after 8:30) on Friday-Sunday December 6-8 2013. It was an incredible night for our family. The kids had a blast and can’t wait to do it again this year. If I blog about it this year it will be too late for you to go, so here is our experience from last year.


Yep, you read that right. We went to Bethlehem last night and it was amazing! Faith Chapel (a local church near us) built a full on Bethlehem in their back lot. It had everything from animals to food, angels to the birth of our Savior Jesus! We had a wonderful time and the kids absolutely loved it. It ends tonight, but if you get a chance to go, you will be glad you did. I had no idea what to expect and I did not have my fancy camera with me. I took some pics with my phone and the images are not great but you can at least see a little bit of what we did.

The first thing you do when you walk into the little town of Bethlehem is register with the census. Delaney and Teagan each signed their names on the parchment scrolls. They then pay you for registering, in shekels, and you can spend the shekels throughout Bethlehem. It took us about 2 hours to make our way through the town. After we registered we heard angels singing and they were proclaiming the birth of Jesus. We saw the star and we did a lot of fun things as we made our way to the stable to see baby Jesus in the manger. The kids had a great time learning about how it was to live when Jesus was born.

We stopped by the Scribe and learned how to write in Hebrew. Did you know that Hebrew is written from right to left? The kids traced letters in Hebrew with a special pen dipped in ink.

We visited the Tanner, his name was Isaaic and his brother-in-law whose name was Mordicai. They had all kinds of animal pelts. I happened to be wearing a  leopard skin coat and they were quite intrigued by it!


Next we were off to the basket shop where the kids learned how to wet reeds and weave baskets. The ladies were all so nice and patient.

After that we stopped by the jewelry store. the kids picked out a bead and the ladies helped them make bracelets. Delaney loves beads so she thought that part was really great.


They had a sharpening wheel and a blacksmith. The kids got to crank the wheel and pound the steel.


All the people in the town were busy working and watching for the Governor’s soldiers. We even saw the governor. He was big and kind of scary and the ladies told us not to look at him or talk to him!

There were games for the kids to play. They tossed rings in the basket, bowled and tried walking on stilts. They also had clothing vendors, Grain miller, candle maker (one of my favorites) and a story-teller.


The potter was very interesting. We watched him as he made pottery on his wheel. The kids got to make a clay bowl and Delaney has told me that she doesn’t want to put it in the oven, that the lady told her it would dry in 4 days. The potter was next to the yarn spinner and across from the carpenter.

The whole time we were traveling through, we were spotting animals for the “Name the Animal” game cards we were filling out. Speaking of animals, they had a petting corral where they had the coolest chickens, pigs and bunny rabbit.


Next to the petting coral was the brick maker. I think this was the highlight of the night. They had a big barrel of mud. They kept saying something about horse and cow dung but I think I am safe to say this particular brick maker used just plain mud. The kids got super dirty making bricks and they had a blast. Thankfully they had a wash station and the kids cleaned up and we moved on.

All of a sudden we saw this crazy guy (his name was Joseph, or Jofess if you are my kids) running though the streets saying his wife was going to have a baby and he needed a place to stay. We were right by the Inn and they had no room. I heard someone say something about a stable and the next thing you know they were hurrying into the stable and we could hear them saying something about a baby coming.

Angels appeared in the sky and they were singing about the birth of Jesus! Delaney wanted to get on my shoulders so she could see the angels better. Teagan was in awe and could barely talk. We were invited into the stable to see the baby Jesus and the kids were so excited.

The last thing we did was walk through the market place spending out shekels. We bought nuts and berries and sampled pomegranates and goat cheese. The kids used the last of their shekels to buy shells before it was time to leave. On the way out Joseph came up to Delaney and got down on her level and talked to her. What a sweet man. She was so excited to have talked to him and he was nice to take the time with her.

All the way home they just kept asking if it was real. I asked them if they liked it and they said yes, they want to go back tomorrow. I told them the people and the animals were real and the things they did were real but it was a pretend Bethlehem. They were not disappointed by that but I think they were still a little confused(a good confused). I guess kind of like the jungle cruise at Disneyland. I think I was about 12 before I realized those animals were not real (don’t tell Brad, I think he still believes).

So, if you can, go! You will love it. The people of Faith Chapel have worked so hard and it is a wonderful experience. I only wish it was on for another weekend because we would go again. It really makes you think about the birth of Jesus and what it was like for Mary and Joseph. As Christmas approaches I think it is important to remember the true meaning of the season.

Another day in my life.

I love this time of year!

I really love this time of year. I usually have my tree up and decorated and then my brother and Naomi make fun of me. I like it because you get to enjoy it longer (I can deal with the ridicule). Not this year. My living room is filled with tart bars, lotion bottles and display racks. I can’t believe my candle sale is only 3 days away. I am going to have to step on it if I am going to get all this mess turned into a sale by Saturday. It is going to happen whether I am ready or not (I will be ready, I have some super great friends coming to help me out).

Speaking of weather, it is supposed to rain Saturday which is a huge bummer. Not just because people in San Diego can’t go out in the rain (apparently they melt) but because my signs are chalk board and I can just see them running when it gets wet. This is going to be interesting! CAND SA (no le on candle or sale because it dripped off). I am probably worrying over nothing. A little rain never hurt anyone and it will put everyone in the mood to light a candle.

Thank you to everyone in advance who are going to make it over to the sale. Rain or shine! I have an awesome doorprize giveaway and if you spend $100 you get an entry into another giveaway. 

Just because I love you so much, here are a couple of coupons for you to bring to the sale (if those bath work people can do it, so can I).


Another day in my life.

I Made Crème Brulée Pillars For You!!!!

It has been over 7 years since I poured a pillar candle.


I have been asked over and over again, “When are you going to make crème brulée pillar candles?”. I finally did it. Just in time for the sale on Saturday. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy. I really miss having my factory (or at least my parents old garage). It wasn’t because I didn’t want to make pillars, it is just that they are a long process and it takes space to do it (they are really messy too). I have some die-hard pillar fans and I want to give you all what you have been asking for. I only have a limited supply (there is not a lot) so if you want one you better be at the sale right when it opens.

pillars mold

Let me tell you the difference between a paraffin pillar and a soy jar candle.

Paraffin is a petroleum product. With gas prices being sky-high, the paraffin wax prices are also high. Wax prices are 4 times more than what I paid for it back in 1997. Soy wax is a natural product. It still is not cheap but it is definitely less than paraffin.

Paraffin melts at a higher temperature. The scent burns off quickly and doesn’t linger in the air as long. The soy candles burn cooler, therefore the scent doesn’t burn off as quickly and it seems to linger in the air and smell stronger for longer (does that make sense?).

Paraffin candles need babysitting. The rule is if they are 3″ in diameter you should burn them about 2.5-3 hours so they burn down evenly. The problem is if you let them burn longer they can spill over the sides (this is why you should have them on a plate/holder with a lip) and you have a mess. The soy candles are in their own neat containers and they don’t need to be watched. Don’t leave the house or go to bed with them burning (use common sense please) but they are pretty self-contained. The glass or tin will get hot, but they burn down very evenly and they cool fast when extinguished.

If you are over the whole wick thing you can opt for a tart warmer and tarts (wax with scent and no wick). These are great because they plug-in and the lightbulb heats up the little dish and warms the wax in the dish. I sell a ton of these bad boys. They are great for homes with kids or places like dorm rooms and schools where candles and open flames are prohibited. They work great and make the room smell amazing. I am still a fan of the good old candle (nothing smells better) but I have to say the tart warmers have been a great invention for us moms with small kids. Now, not all tart bars are created equal. It is the same thing with candles, you usually get what you pay for. If you decide to splurge on the $3 tarts at Wally World you are going to get a $3 tart. Some are good, but the scent usually doesn’t last long. My tart bars will smell good for twice as long as the scenty people’s (just ask my friends and my sister-in-law, she was amazed) and theirs are really good.

Pillars are still the best when it comes to decorating. The look of them on display is just beautiful. I love that so many people have chosen my candles to decorate and fill their homes with smelly goodness!

I can’t wait to see you all at the sale. Saturday November 23rd 10-4pm. 2186 Brookhurst Drive, El Cajon CA 92019

If you can’t make it please email me. I can ship you your order or arrange pick up.

Another day in my life.

The Candle Sale is Coming!!!

I know I have been bad and I have not blogged in FOREVER! I have been busy and I am sorry. But, the good news is I have been busy making candles and bath products and now I am ready to offer them to you! Aren’t you excited? I just spent the day making Crème Brûlée sugar scrub and it looks so good I could eat it (not recommended because I am sure it would taste yucky). I have so many surprises for my sale on November 23rd. My labels have gotten a whole new look and I have a new line of bath and body products including: lotion, body wash, bath salts, sugar scrubs, room spray and body spray.

So, if you haven’t like me on Facebook yet, you better get to it. I am posting pics there as I make new things. I have also updated my inventory list here on the candle page.