Month: May 2013

Have you seen Justin Timberlake’s hair?

I told myself that I would try to blog more than once in a blue moon like I have been. I told myself that it doesn’t have to be something earth shattering and have a million photos (I try to make it exciting with the photos). Crazy things happen to me everyday and I always have something to write about. Today was not one of those days. So day I am going to blog about Justin Timberlake’s hair.

Remember when he was in N’Sync and he had the fro? The bleached curls with the lines cut into it? I would show you a picture but I don’t want to infringe on any copyrights and I don’t have time to research what photos I can use and can’t use. You are just going to have to Google Justin Timberlake’s hair.

Have you seen his hair lately? Pretty hot, right? Alright, but what happened to all those curls? Has he been smoothing it with Keratin? His hair is so smooth and so shiny. Even the sides of his hair where it is short is smooth. Parted and slicked to the side. Love it!

I am telling you that keratin smoothing is the way to go if you have curly, unruly hair. The keratin I use (Juvexin) is from a company called Gloabl Keratin. It is OSHA approved and they have a formula that doesn’t have the formaldehyde that everyone is so freaked out about (the State of good old Cali says 5% formaldehyde is OK to use).  I also found this article on keratin. Click here for article. The article, by Peter Clark, talks about keratin in skin care but the same goes for hair care products. Juvexin just happens to have the “functional”,  non-cooked keratin it talks about in the article.

Here is a little bit more about keratin:

  • Keratin is a fibrous, flexible and strong protein that is the main building block of hair.
  • Not all Keratin is created equal.
  • Hydrolyzation is the heated extraction of keratin (used in other products).
  • When keratin is hydrolyzed it loses its useful properties and is no longer good for the hair.
  • Juvexin (the product I use) contains non-hydrolyzed keratin: Keratin that has NOT been heat extracted, hydrolyzed or degraded and still remains in its natural “functional keratin” form.

Wow, all this information because I wanted to talk about Justin’s hair. Heh heh. I want to put my little disclaimer out there (because there are some people out there who need a little disclaimer). I am not a medical doctor or a scientist. You do your own research and come to your own conclusions. These are just my opinions. OK, there, I said it.

Now do you want to see some before and afters that I did (nod your head yes)?


First one up is my own transformation. Now my hair was pretty awesome in 1987 but now, not so much. I think my before pic looks like Bret Michael’s minus the bandana. I think the smooth look is much better for now (but I do secretly hope big hair comes back). Keratin-b4-2Pretty amazing huh?


So, there you have it. The wonderful world of keratin all because I was thinking about JT’s hair.

Another day in my life.

Happy Birthday Delaney! My baby is 5!!!!

Wow, where has the time gone? I can’t believe my sweet little girl is 5 today. We are so blessed to have such an amazing little girl. She is so full of life and sass and she keeps me on my toes 24-7. She is so sweet and comes up with the funniest ideas and sayings. I enjoy watching her model her costumes (sometimes more than 5 costume changes a day) and play dress up. She is very talented with the outfits she throws together. She is also an amazing color-er with an attention to detail (no coloring outside of the lines-no way!). What a ride this girl has taken us on the last 5 years…

I remember the day I went into labor very clearly. I had been debating whether to have another c-section or to try to go the ” va jay jay way”. I really didn’t want to be cut open again because the healing part is a pain (no driving, no lifting etc.) and I had a 2-year-old at home to also take care of. I was due on May 30th and it was the 22nd and I went to the doctor for my regular 38 week check. I was a high risk pregnancy because I had REALLY high blood pressure throughout (this is how I do it apparently because Teagan’s pregnancy was the same thing) and I had already been on bed rest for the past 2 months. After my check up they sent me over to triage to be monitored because my blood pressure was high (duh, but I was used to this). My brother Derek had driven me to the appointment because Brad was at work and no one else was available to take me (Derek didn’t let me forget how he was stuck with me that day, he likes to give me a hard time but he loves me).

The doctors decided it would be alright if I go home, so we left. I was starving, since I had not eaten since early that morning, and it was now about 2 o’ clock. We drove through Wendy’s and had burgers, fries and Frosties (pregnant girls need to eat!). After that we headed back to my house. On the way home I started having these sharp pains in my stomach and I called Brad to see where he was. He was already home and I told him the pain keeps getting worse. By the time we got home I was having full on contractions and they were about 10 minutes apart. I told Derek and Brad that we needed to go back to the hospital! We had Sarah come over to watch Teagan (she was our 15-year-old babysitter from next door). She was in the kitchen watching me do laps around the island as I tell her this is why you don’t have sex because this will happen and this hurts! I think I scared her for life. We headed back to the hospital and we were admitted by about 3:30. 

Then my entourage began to arrive. Brad’s parents, my Aunt Angie. I had to wait until 4 o clock to text my mom because she was in training for her new job and she couldn’t miss any work or she would lose her new job (at Kaiser, how ironic). Little Miss Delaney planned it just right because my mom really wanted to be there for her birth and with Delaney’s timing it was perfect. My mom got there at about 5:30.

So, now, the dilemma was c-section or vag. The doctor (Kaiser always has random doctors for childbirth, you don’t get to pick unless your doctor is working that moment) was suggesting a c-section when the nurse informed him I had eaten the burger and fries about 3 hours earlier. They then sent in the high risk doctor who knew I wanted to natural birth (with drugs of coarse!) and she said with the burger I just ate, we should try the regular way first. Ha! Yea for the hamburger, who knew? Now it was time for the epidural (thank God!). After that I just laid back and watched TV. It was smooth sailing. My water broke around 8 pm because I remember it happend while we were watching “So You Think You Can Dance (I love that show)”.

At 9pm my aunt had to leave. She didn’t want to go but she had to work early in the morning. After she had been gone 20 minutes (I felt bad that she missed it, it was a close call) things started to move and Delaney was getting ready. I think I only pushed about 4 times and at 9:34 pm she was out. It was pretty incredible. I barely broke a sweat and it was pretty easy (now why couldn’t that have worked out that way with Teagan? Oh Well). She was perfect. 7lbs 5 oz. 19″ and no name (that came later).


After 2 days of being in the hospital with “baby no name” I was ready to go home. I begged them to let me leave but because of my past history with high blood pressure (you can read about it on the blog about Teagan’s birth) they still wanted to watch me. So, they made me stay a total 2 nights instead of the traditional 24 hours and get out.  I was actually doing really well this time around and I was ready to go. I had not seen Teagan and he had not met his sister because he had a runny nose and they hospital said it wasn’t a good idea for him to come down. I just wanted to take my baby and go home.I had convinced the records keeper to let me take the baby home and I would come back next week with the certificate signed with the baby’s name (you can have as long as you want they just don’t like you to do it that way because they want to get the paper work done). I needed to spend some more time with her to decide. Her middle name had to be Louise because I am the 4th generation daughter with that middle name. Emma Lou, Maimie Lou, Amy Lou and Michelle Lou (what happen to the rhyming thing Mom?)
This yellow outfit is the same outfit my mom brought me home from the hospital in. How cool is that?

Here were the options:

  • Delaney Louise (this was our favorite but Brad didn’t want people calling her Delaney Lou Who (the Grinch- do you get it?).
  • Sailor Louise (this one was my favorite. I knew a woman named Sailor when I was younger and she was beautiful. I have always loved the name).
  • Landis Louise (I really liked this one but I guess not enough).

On the way to get the car Brad informed me that our daughter would have a name before she got in the car or we were not going home (he is so mean sometimes). He left me in the room with my brother and we started discussing the names. I decided on Sailor and my brother shouted out, “Nail her Sail-or!”.

We took Delaney Louise home.

So now it is 5 years later and I look back on that day and think where did the time go? My Laney Lou is a Mommy’s girl. We love to spend our time together and I am so happy to have a daughter that likes to do all the girly stuff. God has really blessed me with this little princess. Delaney is kind and considerate. She always is telling me how much she loves us and how happy she is. She is also Daddy’s little girl. I love to watch their relationship and see how special it is. I just want to freeze time so I can keep my kids small and snuggle them tight. But, I know it is fun to watch them grow and turn into little independent people.

Happy Birthday Delaney!

Another day in my life.