We are finally fixing the holes in our walls!


I am sooooo excited. I had a feeling it would take about 2 years to finish the plumbing (the back of the house is done, we still need to finish the kitchen) and I was right. I am so happy to have the drywall guy here that I can overlook the idea of having to clean up after him. There is drywall dust everywhere and I am living amongst a sea of plastic! All my furniture … [Read more…]

I have spoiled my daughter with face painting.

I bought face paints about a year and a half ago and we have been having fun with them ever since. I paint my kids faces all the time. It is good practice and they love it. Some times we pick out designs from the internet. It has all gone well up until now. Delaney is turning into a pretty harsh critic. She picked out a butterfly pattern that she liked and I started. It … [Read more…]