Month: April 2013


We are finally fixing the holes in our walls!


I am sooooo excited. I had a feeling it would take about 2 years to finish the plumbing (the back of the house is done, we still need to finish the kitchen) and I was right. I am so happy to have the drywall guy here that I can overlook the idea of having to clean up after him. There is drywall dust everywhere and I am living amongst a sea of plastic! All my furniture is pulled away from the walls. It is crazy. To top it off, Brad (my sweet cop husband), doesn’t want to leave a stranger/worker alone in our house. He might rob us blind (what do we have worth taking???) or God forbid go through my underwear drawer (I hid all the “good stuff” so he might only be entertained by a pair of granny panties! haha). Anyway, because I have had to stay home to keep my eye on Raphael, our Easter break has been a slightly limited.


Here is a little video to show you what my days have been like.  You have to click the link because for some reason today my vlog didn’t show up. Whatever.

Another day in my life.

I have spoiled my daughter with face painting.

I bought face paints about a year and a half ago and we have been having fun with them ever since. I paint my kids faces all the time. It is good practice and they love it. Some times we pick out designs from the internet. It has all gone well up until now. Delaney is turning into a pretty harsh critic.

She picked out a butterfly pattern that she liked and I started. It is so hard to paint her when she wants to keep turning her head to look into the mirror. If I was smart, I would have gone into the salon and grabbed the hand-held mirror but I thought I would be done pretty quick and then she could look. Wrong.

She was so picky. She kept turning around and looking while telling me ,”the picture doesn’t look like this”. She wanted it to look identical to the picture (ya right kid, impossible), close was just not going to work with her. Then she told me my flower looked like a star fish! I began to explain to her that most kids don’t get face paint on a regular basis and she should be thankful and grateful she gets painted at all. I was doing my best (not good enough for her apparently). I now know she is face paint spoiled.

She started crying in the middle of it and that made green and blue run down her face and her white run (which wasn’t the right white anyway, so she told me).  Well, I blotted it off (the tears) and she is left with a splotchy butterfly face. She is going to have to like it because I am done with face painting for today.

Another day in my life.