Kirkland baby wipes clean dirt better than Clorox!


Sorry Clorox, it is the truth. I tried your wipes to clean the white rubber on my kid shoes and it didn’t do much. The Kirkland ones got the rubber so white! This kind of scares me because what is it doing to my kids skin when I wipe their faces? I just can’t think about that right now. The shoes tell the story. Do you see how much cleaner the shoe on the left … [Read more…]

We just had the best dinner at Nicolosi’s!


I know, I know, I have been horrible about posting lately. I have had lots of emails and even phone calls asking, “Where are you and why haven’t you blogged?” I really have no excuse. I guess I can just blog about anything but I want to give you fabulous blogs with beautiful photos! Well, those fabulous pictures take me forever to load. I have to figure out a faster way. Until then, I am … [Read more…]

My trip to Costco


So, I am going to try something new today. I have been talking about this to Brad and some of you for a while and I am just going to do it (Dude says I tell a story verbally better than I can write it). So if it is stupid, just humor me (or not, you can tell me I am lame, I can take it and then I will blame it on Dude for … [Read more…]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is almost Valentine’s Day and I have been busy making the kids Valentine cards. Someone at the salon asked me yesterday if I could just buy the regular boxed Valentine’s and I said, “hmmmm, no”. I guess it is the creative forces at work in me that I have to come up with something cute and creative for my kids to hand out in class. I had my work cut out for me at … [Read more…]

The Mustang Story


I wrote this out a few years back when I sent a letter to Oprah (she never wrote back). What I should have done was send it to “Overhaulin’” because they could have pimped it out pretty good. I love this story and every time I hear the song I cry. The mustang is ready to be restored again and I think Derek and Brandon (my bro and his 15-year-old son) are ready to tackle … [Read more…]