Month: February 2013


Kirkland baby wipes clean dirt better than Clorox!

Sorry Clorox, it is the truth. I tried your wipes to clean the white rubber on my kid shoes and it didn’t do much. The Kirkland ones got the rubber so white! This kind of scares me because what is it doing to my kids skin when I wipe their faces? I just can’t think about that right now.


The shoes tell the story.

Do you see how much cleaner the shoe on the left is? Amazing I tell ya.

I am laughing when I think back to a trip to Mammoth we took after we first got married. We had no kids and we were staying in Brad’s brother’s coach (I called it a trailer and his wife got a little upset). I wanted to be helpful and asked if I could do anything to help out. My sister-in-law (now ex sister-in-law) proceeded to hand me a package of Kirkland wipes and asked me to mop the floor! I guess she uses those wipes for EVERYTHING. I can honestly say I do not mop the kitchen floor with them now, but after that I have been tempted to.

I was trying to think of all the creative things I have done with these wipes. Short of folding them into little origami roses I might try that actually), I think I have used them for everything.

I just heard a funny story about my friends mom. She came to stay with them and had a little tummy trouble. Long story short she clogged the toilet with these wipes (they are not flushable) and ended up having to call in 2 plumbers to fix the problem. What do we learn here? Do not flush these wipes.

I hope this little bit of info has helped you out. I know they have made my life so much better. Who knew?

Another day in my life.

We just had the best dinner at Nicolosi’s!

I know, I know, I have been horrible about posting lately. I have had lots of emails and even phone calls asking, “Where are you and why haven’t you blogged?” I really have no excuse. I guess I can just blog about anything but I want to give you fabulous blogs with beautiful photos! Well, those fabulous pictures take me forever to load. I have to figure out a faster way. Until then, I am plugging away. So, don’t you want to know about our dinner?


I have been hearing about Nicolosi’s my whole life. I think my grandparents were regulars there. We decided to try them (why it took 40 years to get there, I will never know). Uncle Will gave us one of those restaurant gift cards for Christmas. You know the one from Costco that you can choose all kinds of restaurants? Well, we wanted Italian and we didn’t want to go all the way downtown so we chose Nicolosi’s on Jackson and Navajo and I am so glad we did.

When Brad called to check the location (it was different on our gift card list than on their website) I made him make a reservation. I am so glad we did because the place was packed! The owner, Barbara, sat us and we told her it was our first time. They gave us the royal treatment (but when I looked around I think they give everyone the royal treatment) and we had the best service we have had in a long time.

Our server, Krista, was so nice and right on everything. She never forgot about us, kept our drinks filled and even remembered the fork I had asked for. She was friendly and seemed like someone I would probably hang out with (do you think she would have thought I was a crazy person if I had invited her on our next girls trip!). We liked her a lot. She even took this picture of us.


Our food was the BOMB! I know, I sound like I am 15, but it was really good.  I should have brought my fancy camera because my cell phone camera doesn’t do this food justice but I didn’t want to look like a food critic or a tourist at dinner (plus my camera is super heavy). We ordered way to much but we have leftovers for tomorrow. Brad and I  had pizza and lasagna. Teagan had spaghetti but it was Delaney’s oven baked mac n cheese that was TO DIE FOR! You know I never have a problem eating some yummy mac (I didn’t get this body from eating vegetables!) and let me tell you it was delish!

Ok, so we WILL be going back there but here is the great thing… they are opening up a new location in El Cajon on Main Street (the old Mangia Bene location sorry Mangia Bene) in three weeks. We have had many baby showers, bridal showers and parties in the backroom at Mangia Bene and Barbara said that room will still be available.  I have to remember to call my brother and let him know (he doesn’t read my blog-whatever).

Another day in my life.

My trip to Costco

So, I am going to try something new today. I have been talking about this to Brad and some of you for a while and I am just going to do it (Dude says I tell a story verbally better than I can write it). So if it is stupid, just humor me (or not, you can tell me I am lame, I can take it and then I will blame it on Dude for telling me to do this). Here is my Vlog (yep video blog). I was frustrated when leaving Costco so I got out the video on my phone.  Click on Costco Rant to see my video. If it doesn’t work, let me know because I am new to this vlogging thing. ha!



Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is almost Valentine’s Day and I have been busy making the kids Valentine cards. Someone at the salon asked me yesterday if I could just buy the regular boxed Valentine’s and I said, “hmmmm, no”. I guess it is the creative forces at work in me that I have to come up with something cute and creative for my kids to hand out in class.

I had my work cut out for me at Teagan’s school because they don’t want you to give candy. I was going to make a card that said, “You are a cutie, Valentine” and give each kid a “Cutie” tangerine (maybe next year) but when I walked into Target and saw glow sticks, I changed my mind. I thought I was being original but in the world of the world-wide web, someone somewhere has probably already pulled it off. So, off I went to check. Low and behold I found exactly what I had in my mind to do for Teagan at (she made it easy for me). Here is what I did.

My 2 semesters of Photoshop CS5 have come in handy. First I made him dress up and stand in front of his bedroom shades I had made out of galaxy fabric (this made it super easy to Photoshop). The hardest part was getting him to smile a “real” smile, not the fake forced one that he usually does for photos. He finally relaxed and had fun standing there when I told him how cool his Valentine’s were going to be. I really like the Jedi font, I think it makes the card (besides the kid, who I think is pretty stinking adorable!).

Now Delaney’s card was a little more complicated. My idea for her did not exist so go ahead pinners… pin away! Here is what I did.


I took a photo from Halloween of Delaney in her Merida costume (wig and all).  I found a forest like background and Photoshopped a wisp looking thing onto it because I wanted it to have a glow (you have to see the movie to know what I am talking about). Then I used the glow bracelet and made it look like the arrow.

The hardest part of this whole project was inserting the glow bracelet without snapping it and making it glow! I had quite a few casualties!

So, the kids are excited about the Valentines and so am I. Will I be able to top it next year? I don’t know…

Another day in my life.


The Mustang Story

I wrote this out a few years back when I sent a letter to Oprah (she never wrote back). What I should have done was send it to “Overhaulin’” because they could have pimped it out pretty good. I love this story and every time I hear the song I cry. The mustang is ready to be restored again and I think Derek and Brandon (my bro and his 15-year-old son) are ready to tackle it. Until then, it is still sitting in the back yard waiting…


The Mustang Story

When my brother Derek was 15 or maybe even 14, he and my Dad bought an old 68’ Mustang. It needed a lot of repair. They spend the whole year fixing it up together. There was a song on the radio at the time by Jeff Carson called The Car. It was about a boy, his father and a car. The father in the song could never afford the car for his son, and they never did get to spend the time together. Upon his death the father gave the son the car keys.

The song didn’t quite apply to Derek’s and Dad’s situation, but even still, anytime it came on the radio they would call each other on the phone and let the other know they were thinking of the other.

Derek saved his money and bought shiny new rims for the car. They had given it a new paint job and it looked pretty sweet. Well, like any other 16-year-old boy, he wanted to move on and buy something bigger and better, so he sold the Mustang. It broke Dad’s heart, but he never did say it.


12 years later my Dad was the best man in Derek’s wedding. I remember him putting together his best man’s speech. He was so proud. He was trying to shorten it down from a long 8 minutes. He also was trying to find the car song, but time ran out and he couldn’t find it. He did mention it in his speech. We all laughed and cried.

Two weeks after my brother’s wedding, my Dad fell off a ladder and died. It was very unexpected and traumatic. We needed to find that song and play it at his memorial service. Derek’s new brother-in-law did some research and found it. We played it at his service and it meant a lot. Derek said that day, that he would give anything to have that car back. I never forgot that.

A year later I was putting together a slide show for my wedding. While going through family pictures I came across a picture of my Dad and Derek sitting in the Mustang. Dad was driving and I don’t think Derek even had his license yet. This is when I got the idea. Derek had married a wonderful woman who had a little boy. My brother was now a father. Father’s day was soon approaching and I thought the perfect gift was to frame this picture with the words to the car song. I also set out to find the Mustang.

I knew the license plate number and the color. I put the word out to everyone I knew. If it was around town I would find it sooner or later. 6 days before Father’s day I received a phone call. One of my friends had spotted the car and gave me an address. It was late in the evening and I drove over to the address to see. Sure enough, there it was.

The next evening my mom and I went to the house to talk to the owner. A man was outside and he told us that it was his girlfriend’s car. He gave me her phone number and said to call her later. When I called her, she wouldn’t even come to the phone. The boyfriend said she really loved the car and wasn’t interested in selling it. So, I cried. Sobbing on the phone I gave him the whole story. I told him how I wanted to buy this car for my brother and give it to him on Father day. He said he would talk to his girlfriend about it and she would call me back later.

11:30 that night she called. She said she would sell, but at a higher price than I thought I would have to pay. I called my mom and she said to buy it at any price. So, I called her back and we made arrangements to pick it up on Friday night. Brad and I went to pick it up and we stored it at Brian’s (Brad’s brother) house for the weekend.

On Father’s day Brad, mom and I went over to Derek’s house. I didn’t want to make too big of a deal out of Father’s day, I didn’t want him to suspect anything. I gave him his framed picture and he cried. He asked where I found the picture. While this was going on Brian had driven the car to Derek’s house. We had made a CD with the car song playing over and over and we had it playing on the CD player in the car. The doors wide open.

I made up some excuse for Derek to come outside. When he did, he saw his car. He dropped to his knees and wept. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He walked around it and lightly touched it. He wanted to know how and where we found it. Then he wanted to know how much money he owed us!

He noticed little things about the car. The shiny rims he saved so long for were still on it. The carpet they had taken out of Dad’s van was still in the back window. The paint, though peeling, was their paint job. Even the screwdriver they had rigged up to use as an emergency brake was still in place. It was like someone was storing it for him for the last 13 years.

My brother was so happy. He told me he would never get rid of this car again. When he misses Dad he will go sit in it. He couldn’t believe he had it back…after all these years.

As for me, it was an incredible experience. Even though it wasn’t my car, it made me feel close to my Dad. I was happy Derek had his mustang back. That Father’s day was one of the best days of my life, and I know my Dad was in heaven smiling.


This is the photo plaque I made my brother for father’s day that year.

* A crazy side note about this story. When we went to make the deal with the girlfriend my mom and I met her at her house down off of the 805 freeway (about 25 minutes from where we live). When we walked in, my Designs By Chelle candles were burning in the living room. The girlfriend recognized me and told me that she was a customer and that she had driven the car to my factory in El Cajon many times. I was always inside helping customers or making candles and I never checked out the cars in the parking lot. Weird.


Another day in my life.