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Merry Christmas!

Sorry about not sending out a Christmas card this year, we have been a little tied up.

I feel like this whole year has gotten away from me. I know I decorated for Christmas in the second week of November this year, but I still feel like it has gone too fast. I am ready. The presents are wrapped, the goodies are on the plates and ready for the neighbors. I might even curl my hair for church tonight (wooo hooo, I am going all out,) or maybe I won’t (I might just plop on the couch and enjoy the peace and quite of my children taking naps)!

I guess I am just not ready for it to be over. I love Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus. He is the true reason I celebrate Christmas. I love seeing my kids get so excited when their elf, Elkan, shows up in a different spot every morning. I even love the hustle and bustle of people at the mall (we went there on Friday, it wasn’t so bad). I am going to savor the little moments and take a moment to just watch without letting it all fly past me.

I want to tell you all how thankful I am for you in my life. I am blessed with the most wonderful friends and family.  I just love to hear how you are doing and I really truly care and try to listen when you tell me. I enjoyed hearing about your life when you came to my candle sale or came in to get your hair done or even if I just ran into you on the street or at the mall. Everyone wants to know that someone thinks they are special and important. I want you all to know how special you are to me and how I would be so bored and alone without all of you in my life. I don’t take any of you for granted. I appreciate you all supporting me and my crazy ideas (you are reading this after all!), and thank you for supporting my businesses. Because of you I get to stay at home with my kids and for that I am very grateful.

So, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and pray that the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ will bless you and your family!


Another day in my life.


My White Trash, Redneck, Trailer Park 40th Birthday Party!

My sweet husband decided to throw me a white trash birthday party…

This is what the invitation said…

My old lady is turning 40 and I is throwin her this party. I telled her I was throwin her a 30th party so don’t tell her you know her reel age. It is not a suprise cuz you cant pull anyting over on her. Plus, she luves Walmart.

Were gonna have contests with reel good prizes.We will be providing some kinda slop for chow, but please bring an appeteezer, cassarole or a desert to share.WE is gonna have a prize for the best one in the trailer park.

This here is a trashy party, so you best Bring your own quality beer (Pabst, Old Milwakee, Naty Ice, Miller High Life etc.) You will be turned away at the dorr if you bring any of that impurt crud.

Redneck/White Trash duds- clothing rekwired, for some of you classy folks who threw out yer overalls years ago. For the rest of you…I am sure you can get all gussied up…. probably not too much different then yer usually outfits you’d wear to any ol’ hooten nanny.

Decorate a toilet seat. Bling it up good. We gonna to hang them up and vote on the best one.

If you gonna drank dont drive. You can crash on our flour or bring your trailer and park it out front.

Most important, we don’t have our brats and we dont wanna see yours.

He was going hand write these words and print them out on white lined paper for the best white trash invites ever. Then mail them in the envelopes we have been saving from our bills (we pay online), but he decided to do an Evite instead (much easier and cheaper). So, I am using the paper and envelopes for the thank you notes. Just you wait friends! Ha!

I’m the birthday girl!


I bought this dress at Amvets (I thought it was a dress and found out it is really a nightie) .

Check out my real fox feet earrings (sorry PETA, I bought the feet at an estate sale!).

So, about the decorations…

I wish I could say these were my ideas but Brad was the one that came up with everything (maybe he should have his own blog!). He spent a week getting ready for the party.

partee sign

Miss spelled spray painted partee (party) sign in the front yard (he even parked the car on the lawn).


 Miss spelled bertday (birthday) sign with old pictures of me in the entry way.

Beer can garland and more spray painted sheets hanging in the family room.

You know you are redneck when you don’t have to take any internet photos and make then your own we already had enough white trash family photos to put up!

Oh, and Kenny Rogers!

cooler and centerpieces

We used a blow up kiddie pool for the drinks and these beautiful paper flower centerpieces.

I poured soup cans 3/4 full of quikrete, then I poured soy wax on top of that (didn’t want to fill the whole can up with wax because they didn’t need to burn for months) to make candles for the tables.

party favors

For party favors we made White Trash Boob Job kits and Trailer Trash Love Gloves which were balloons!


This is what the packages said.

bottle lights

Brad worked really hard on his beer bottle lights. He took Christmas lights and inserted them into the bottles then used black electrical tape to secure them. Now, doesn’t he look hot?

wind chimes

I especially like the wind chimes he made.

Here is a list of the decorations:

  • Miss spelled birthday signs on cardboard
  • Spray painted miss spelled sheet signs hanging from the trees in the front yard
  • Cars parked on the lawn
  • American flags down the driveway
  • Beer can wind chimes
  • Foil and sheets hanging from the windows inside the house
  • Beer can garland
  • Beer bottle lights
  • Kiddie pool full of ice and drinks
  • Decorated toilet seats hanging on the fence
  • Fire ring out back
  • Soup can candles
  • Love glove balloons and Boob Job Kits Balloons party favors
  • butcher paper for table cloths
  • Paper flower centerpieces from the dollar store


My Redneck Family…

I think we are a pretty fun family. Everyone got really into it (especially my in laws and my mom!) and their outfits were hysterical.


Do you think this would make a good Christmas card?

Now, let’s talk about the cake…

I have to say I was very impressed with the cake. It was a trailer with all the amenities.

Trailer Cake


It had an antenna on the top, above ground pool, monster trucks in the front yard, clothing line with clothes on it, couch (made of rice crispies) on the porch, aluminum roof, town trucks and cars in the front yard. And, let’s not forget the hot girl (supposed to be me). We never did eat it, it was just to good to look at!

 And the food… 

Since it was pot luck, we asked that everyone bring a dish to share. We gave a prize for the best food.

We had everything: Twinkies, pigs in a blanket, onion dip, cheez wiz on crackers and even chicken nuggets. We made sloppy Joes and mac n cheese with hot dogs.
kitty litter cake

Joe and Shelly took first place with their ‘Kitty Litter Cake’. Click here for the recipe.

twinkie cake

Marci took second place with her Twinkie and Ding Dong cake on a toilet seat.

food winners

The prizes for the best food:

  • 1st prize was a George Forman grill (from the thrift store) and that went to Shelly for the kitty litter cake.
  • 2nd prize was a slicer (from the thrift store) and that went to Marci for the Twinkie cake on the toilet seat
  • 3rd and 4th prizes were Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread and Chicken Batter and that went to Brooke for her Bologna Pate’ and Shelby for her cornbread and hot dog muffins.
  • I think Shurie should get an honorable mention for the Micky D’s chicken nuggets. She really went all out!

Check out our guests…

Since this was a fancy party, our guests came in their best attire! Brad made a mug shot back drop and we had a friend (Ed Rodden photography) take mug shots of all the guests. Here are a few…


And we played some games…

Brad went all out for this. He shopped hard for the prizes. He made sure they were worth winning!

  • Toilet seat decorating contest- 1st place received Red Neck wind chimes.
  • Spam carving- 1st place received an autographed Daisy Duke photo
  • Ping Pong Ball spitting contest- 1st place received a pet grooming kit (Pedi Paws trimmer and nail scissors with file)
  • Turkey bowling- 1st place received a Snuggie
  • Best Dressed Man- 1st place received a $15.69 Walmart gift card.
  • Best Dressed Woman- 1st place received a $15.69 Walmart gift card.
  • Best Mullet- 1st place received a Mini Mullet Party pack from Blue Q (Body Wash/Car Wash, Mullet Wash, Air Freshener)
  • Best Pregnant lady- 1st place received a ‘Mother Like No Other’ Candle set.

Decorated Toilet Seats

scott's seat Scott won first place with his remote control toilet seat.



We had fun posing in front of the toilet seats!

Spam Carving Contest


Works of art.


Scott was our winner again. He really cleaned up that night. He went home with the autographed Daisy duke photo.

Ping Pong Spitting Contest


These people are serious about their ping pong spitting rules. They made sure the beer can line was straight. If you stepped over the line you were disqualified.


Turkey Bowling

So, we had a left over turkey we didn’t cook last Thanksgiving (how convenient, and I say I am not a hoarder!) and it was just what we needed for the Turkey Bowling. We have a long driveway and it was perfect for this. The guys set up beer cans at the bottom of our driveway and everyone got a turn. The poor turkey was a done deal when it was over!


The Gifts…

People were so generous and so funny! I ended up with a ton of Walmart gift cards (you know I can buy something fancy with those!), flowers, white trash date night pack, mullet headband, moonshine and a beer bottle bong (the boys had fun with that one).


 My gift basket had all kinds of fun things for a white trash date. Zip ties, Vodka in Propel bottles, whip cream, cherries, a plastic window curtain (?), Spam, vegetable oil (?), a jump rope and a few other fun things.

 Best Party EVER!

So, you know you had a good party when your friends call the next day and tell you they hurt from laughing so hard. We laughed all night long and I am still laughing about it. People didn’t start leaving until after midnight (we started at 5pm) and I had to kick the rest of the guests out of the spa at 2:30am! guests

Another day in my life.

Who Knew…I’m A Photographer!

I asked my sister-in-law, Shawna, if I could take their family photos for their Christmas card this year. I told her I needed the practice. I have had my Canon 50D for 2 years (this is the camera I take all my blog pics with) and I feel like I am not using it to its full potential. I want to take a class at Grossmont College next semester so I can know enough to be dangerous. Anyway, I was so excited (and so was Shawna) because the photos turned out better than I imaged they would. Shawna was very reassuring. She said if they were bad she just wouldn’t pay me! She is a funny girl and that is one of the reasons I love her.


We went out to Summer’s Past Farms to have our photo shoot. There were 3 other photographers, with families there, doing the same thing. At first I followed this one photographer around mimicking her shots. Ya, not a good idea. I didn’t like how he lighting was hitting my models and I decided I would do better on my own.


The kids had a great time and I ended up with some good shots of them. I am not sure what the other people at the farm thought of us. It is super hard to take pictures of your own family because they don’t listen to you. Shawna and I kept “talking tough” as Delaney said. There was one point where Shawna was yelling at Gavin (I was cracking up), “You better look at Aunt Michelle or you are going to ruin our family pictures!” . She was laughing when she said it but I think the people at the farm were a little scared of us. Wives were probably telling their husbands, “honey, I am so glad we didn’t hire that lady, she is yelling at that family”. Yep, and hour and a half of me yelling at the family who I was photographing. “Look at me, look at the camera, look- at- the- camera, smile, SMile, SMILE!!!!!” Can you just hear me now?


The even funnier part was the photos that the kids looked so cute in and they were looking into the camera, Josh wasn’t! I swear! Come on Josh??? Really? I can totally relate to this because every time we have gone to take family pictures, I have been so worried about the kids doing the right thing that they have to tell me to look into the camera. Sorry Josh, I am guilty too.


I love all the scenery at Summer’s Past Farms. If you have never been there you should check it out. Every year we go in June for the Fairy Festival (not the kind of fairies you find in Hillcrest, the Tinkerbell kind). Little girls dress up like fairies and they have music and a parade. They have a fairy garden contest that is so fun to look at. Delaney and her friends love it.


My kids ran around while I took pictures and I did get some good shots with the cousins.



So, what do you think? Not bad for my first “official” session with a family. I can’t wait to get their Christmas card with the photos on it. I have another appointment with my brother and his family this weekend. So, if you want to see me yelling at another family at the farm, come on down at 3 O’ Clock on Sunday!

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Funny Things Delaney Says And Does.

It is so funny when I look at my life. I was the girl who never wanted kids. I didn’t ever see myself as being a mom. I wanted to grow up and have my own talk show or be a Hollywood celeb but never a mom. When I met Brad, all that changed. He wanted a family and I could actually see myself having children. I wanted them. Now that I have these 2 precious babies in my life I cannot imagine a life without them. I think the best job in the world is being their mom. It helps that they are sweet and laid back (God never gives you more than you can handle and I guess He knew what I could and couldn’t take!), but maybe I am just a little bit biased.

My sweet little girl Delaney. She always keeps us on our toes. I can’t believe how fast kids grow and how they ARE like sponges (they soak up everything). I just wanted to share with you some of the funny things she has said and done.

She loves sunglasses, I am talking loves them. She always gets dressed up where ever we go in a dress (she did recently start wearing skinny jeans) and her shoes, socks and glasses have to match. We have a drawer full of sunglasses and she wears them all.

She is such a little diva. Alright, here is a funny story for you. I wish I had it on video because it was all I could do to keep a straight face while she told me this. She is casually talking (the names have been changed to protect this poor innocent little boy) and says (like a 15 year old would talk) “Mom, Bobby’s voice is so irritating and he won’t-stop-talking! He sounds like neeee neeee neee neee neeeee! He asks me to play all the time and I say….No Bobby, I am busy right now, I can’t play with you. UUUHHGGG Mom, he is so annoying”. Yes, this came out of my 4 year old. It was all I could do to contain myself but I said, “Delaney, that is not kind. I hope you didn’t hurt his feelings. Maybe the next time he asks you to play you could say… I would love to in a little bit.” Delaney says, “But MOM, I am not going to play with him!” I say, “I know Delaney but he doesn’t have to know that, you just need to be kind to him (great, now I am teaching her to lie), maybe you would like to play with him later”. Delaney says, “I don’t think so Mommy”.

What was that? Where did she learn those big words? Poor Bobby.

This little girl is the queen of funny faces. She is always hamming it up for the camera. Sticking her tongue out is her favorite (can you tell?). Sometimes it is hard to get her to be serious. When she is serious you better look out because she is probably mad and will tell you so.

She came home from school the other day and told me Kenny asked her to be his girlfriend (oh boy, does it really start in preschool?). When I asked her what she said to him she replied, “Nothing, I didn’t tell him anything.” Then she smirked. Good girl, keep those boys on their toes. I talked to kenny’s mom and she told me that Kenny did ask her and he didn’t know what to do when she didn’t answer him. I told you, she is funny!

This girl changes her clothes more than anyone I know. It is a constant fashion show at our house. We have 2 huge bins of costumes. It is funny because she doesn’t really role play with toys or play with her dolls (she does dress them over and over and over), she just changes her clothes all day. When swimming in the summer she will have had on at least 4 bathing suits by the end of day. She also loves getting out my clothes and Brad’s too and putting outfits together. I have missing clothes all the time. I find things in the weirdest places.

My girlie girl is ALL girl! She is really into make up. I am building up her portfolio so when she heads off to Hollywood she will have an established book of photos to share with her clients. We have “girl day” at our house on the days she doesn’t go to school . I let her play in my make up or I face paint her. There were a few occasions where she got into it herself. Thankfull she hasn’t pulled anything like that in a while.

Here she is. Pants or dance. She loves her dance. I don’t have the heart to tell her she has rythm like her Grammy (which is about none).  It is so cute when we catch her practicing and singing. Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift (of coarse) and she can also belt out “Call Me Maybe”. Don’t you dare try to sing with her. She does not like that. She will stop and give me the look of death and growl, “Mommy, stop singing! (I am not that bad, just ask Dude, she thinks I sing awesome).

We were so happy when Delaney decided to ask Jesus in her heart. She had been listening in Sunday School and we felt she really understood what it mean to have Jesus as her savior. We prayed together and after she said that she felt really good (little did I know what that meant at the time). We had Grandma, Papa and Grammy over to celebrate. A few days later I was tucking her in bed and asked how she felt having Jesus in her heart. This is what she said, “I really thought it was going to hurt when he came into my heart but it didn’t hurt at all!”. Is that the cutest thing ever! Boy do I love this girl.

Delaney loves to help in the kitchen. I think her favorite thing is to lick the beaters. After we had made dinner one night I started to run the shower and told her it was time to take a bath. She says, “Mom, a shower is a shower and a bath is a bath’. Whoops, my bad. I guess I better get that right next time.

I am sure I will be talking about something funny she has done some time soon but until then…

Another day in my life.

Thanks For A Great Sale!

I am so tired I can barely write this (I lose all personality when I am tired so I don’t know how exciting this post is going to be) but I wanted to thank everyone for coming out to my sale last Saturday. It was a HUGE success and I was very happy about the outcome. I have to admit, I was a little nervous because I had not heard from very many customers. Last year I had quite a few pre orders and I knew I would have sales on sale day. This year, I was not so sure.

candles 013

Let me tell you about last week. I have not had a chance to blog because I was either sleeping or making candles. My wax was finally delivered on Wednesday (remember the blog about being sent the wrong wax?) and I got it melted by late Wednesday night. I was pouring candles like crazy and then it started to rain. Although I love to pour candles when it rains, I don’t like to pour them “in” the rain. Some of you know that I have had to be creative (or resourceful) about how and where I was going to make candles. I can say now that I really miss my old factory, but I made it work. The real hang up with Friday night when I was about to do my last pour. My melter is outside (under those gray tarps that look like homeless people live on the side of my house!) and it is not really made to go outside. My brother followed the electrical code when hooking up my GFI (this is so I don’t kill myself) but the problem is when GFI senses moisture it trips off (safety first here people), not so good when trying to melt candle wax in the rain! The melter kept turning off and my wax was getting cold. Anyway, by 2  a.m. we had creatively solved the problem (if I tell you I would have to kill you. I have to keep some secrets to myself) and I was pouring away. I got everything finished and everyone was happy, the end. Oh wait, not the end.

2012 winners

I ran a contest for the month of November. My goal was to drive people here to my site and to my Facebook page. I had two friends fighting to the finish for the win! Carol took the 1st place spot winning a $100 candle gift certificate. Raquel came in a close 2nd and won a Creme Brulee large candle and 5 tart bars. Thank you to all of you who entered, I enjoyed reading the comments and entries. I think I am going to keep holding contests from time to time so please check back. I also gave away 2 gift baskets at the sale. One of my winners was Julie, she won the customer appreciation drawing. The other winner was Becky who won the $100 plus drawing. Both Becky and Julie were so excited. Julie screamed into the phone when I called her and told me she never wins anything. Well girlfriend, you won! Enjoy your candles.

me at sale

I had so much fun talking to everyone who came Saturday. I had quite a few returning customers and my signs worked great and I ended up with some new ones too. Thank you to Sandy and Carol who came to work the sale. Thank you to my mom (she used to own the business with me but she stayed retired) and Marci who took time off of her job to come help me (she is her own boss so, no, she is not going to get fired). I also want to give a special thanks to Naomi who saved the day. Naomi is my sweet friend, side kick, partner in crime who is ALWAYS there for me. She worked with me 2 straight days (even into the night) to help me get it all done. I couldn’t have done it without her.

check in


If you didn’t make it to my sale, you can still order candles. Just send me an email to michelle I have an inventory list on my candle page here on the site. We can arrange for you to pick up or I can also ship to you although my friend Kyla will tell you that I am a flake about shipping (she still has not gotten her candles she ordered a month ago, I have got to get better about the shipping thing). Ok, if you want your order shipped, I won’t flake. I will ship it. I will, I will!

I am going to go lie on the couch and just watch TV (let’s see how long that lasts), and I am going to finally get a massage tomorrow.

Another day in my life.