Month: November 2012

Tart Bars

My Tarts are Better and Stronger For Longer!

I got so much done today! I am so excited about the sale on Saturday. I was working with one of my helpers today and she had never melted my tart bars before. She is a fan of those fragrancy tart bars that “other” popular company makes and asked me if mine were the same or different. I said, “They are better and stronger, for longer”. I then laughed because I thought that sounded funny. She said, “You should make that your tag line”. Hmmm, maybe not a tag line put a subject line for todays blog.

Of course I think mine are better (I make them, duh. I have to believe in what I sell) although, I do think that “other” company has a great product (mine still last longer). I have had many friends and customers tell me that mine are strong smelling for a longer period of time. I use a lot of fragrance in my soy wax blend and that makes them smell for a longer amount of time. It takes a while for the heat of the melting pot to burn off all the fragrance. That brings me to Walmart or discount stores that sell what looks like the same tart bar. I can tell you it is not the same. I use a very high quality fragrance. Some companies skimp on the quality to get a cheaper product. It gives off a great fragrance at first but it doesn’t always last. You really do get what you pay for when you buy one of my products.

Come on Saturday to my candle sale and see what I mean. Or, please leave me a comment here so people can hear from you and not just take my word for it!

Another day in my life.


Just A Little Stressed Out

I can’t believe I am even showing you what I look like right now! OK, so I teased my hair out a bit, but I look like I feel! Stressed.

I just got a call from my wax salesman and what do you know, they shipping company never picked up my order. It is still in LA. I have enough inventory (tons of tart bars, travel tins and container candles), I just want to make sure I have more than enough. You already know I am a control freak and a planner (I decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving and I have already taken my kids to see Santa and it is not even December 1st yet!). So, I am waiting for my wax so I can make you some more candles. I have to say I am getting a little nervous for the sale this year. I have a lot riding on it. Last year I had a huge email response (pre-orders were big) and my turn out was really good. This year I have gotten more LIKES on Facebook, but the pre-orders are not rolling in. I am going to have a fun day regardless. I have some of my old crew coming to help out with the sale and I love seeing my customers that I have not seen for a whole year.

Remember how I told you I was shipped 8 boxes of the wrong wax? Well, when you have lemons make lemonade! I am going to try to make that wax into something fabulous (hopefully Creme Brulee pillar candles). I don’t have my big factory anymore so I am going to have to get creative. I am seriously thinking about setting up in my back yard (just humor me here). As long as it doesn’t rain, I am good. Can someone please go to Walmart and buy me some tarps (I am thinking I might need some)?

I guess you are just going to have to wait until Saturday to see if I actually pulled it off. It is going to be fine, really it is.

Another day in my life.


Brad’s Car Got Bird Bombed!

I just had to show you this. Brad parked in the wrong spot at work and the car got bombed! He said he was only parked there maybe an hour when people started coming in and laughing, telling him to move his car. Aparently he did not move it fast enough. So gross!

Reflecting On A Great Thanksgiving!

And some not so great, and some funny and some…


My mom and I made the turkey for Thanksgiving this year. We cooked it in a bag because it is so juicy and yummy this way (not to mention super easy). I just had to post this picture because it looked so perdy (that is fancy way of saying pretty)!


Here is our spread in front of the trailer (maybe you need to refer back to my previous blogs if you are confused to how my family really is).

Oh, I forgot to mention, this year we did Thanksgiving with my brother’s family at Campland at the Bay. The kids had a blast and the weather was beautiful. I guess this is why we live in So Cal (why we pay the big bucks to live here). My sister-in-law is a wonderful cook and I was a little worried about how we were going to keep everything warm but it turned out great. On the drive home from I started thinking about all the things I am thankful for. It also made me think of some of my Thanksgivings I have had in the past.


When I was a kid we would go to NaNa’s and PaPa’s for Thanksgiving. It was just Mom, Dad, Derek, Nana and Papa (and their stupid dog Tillie that always tried to bite us but my grandparents said it was just “nippy”) and it was the most B-O-R-I-N-G day ever. We would sit around and watch the news while we waited for dinner. We would eat (pretty much in silence) and then the highlight of the night was taking Tillie for a walk around the neighborhood. When we came back we would watch some boring TV, like 60 Minutes or something (fun for a 10 year old), eat pie and then we got to go home. We had cousins in Texas that we never knew (until we were adults) and we had our San Diego cousins, Amber and Kyle, who always went to their other grandparents because Thanksgiving at the Bolton house had tons of cousins and was a blast (I always saw the pictures and heard the stories and secretly wished I had a big, fun family like that).


I don’t want to crush my mom (she will read this and feel bad that she didn’t provide a riveting Thanksgiving experience for her children) so I do have to tell you I have some good Thanksgiving memories. One was who could spot the star on top of Rattle Snake Mountain first (the Hammond family lives on top of the Mountain and has been putting up this giant star as long as I have been alive). I still look forward to seeing that star every Thanksgiving night.

When I was married (the practice wedding, remember) the first time, Thanksgiving was always interesting to say the least. I can’t remember having married Thanksgiving at my families house but I remember the “other” family clearly. I wish I had video of it because it is some of my most funny (I didn’t exactly say fun) memories. This is how it usually went down (if you are part of my ex’s family, I don’t mean any disrespect, but your Thanksgiving was quite a bit differently than my family!).

They had asked me to bring mac-n-cheese and mashed potatoes. I was super young and not a cook so I thought Kraft and instant potatoes was just fine. The problem was DJ (my ex) never told me other wise. We would throw whatever in a 9×13 pan and call it ready. Thanksgiving was usually at my mother in-law’s but the most memorable year was at Dj’s aunt’s one bedroom apartment. Did I tell you his mom had 14 brother’s and sisters (yep, all of us in about 700 sq ft)?

So, we would get there (on time) and all the kids were outside playing in the parking lot and his auntie was getting the bird out of the oven. I remember hearing his cousin talking to the lady next door (everyone in the complex was invited) about how Miss Shar (the neighbor) was bringing the greens and how she better not have gotten them out of a can. They were so funny talking about how Miss Shar was trying to pull off that she had made the greens (shooot, no greens came out of a can!). Then they went on about how she probably makes instant mashed potatoes too (at this point I wanted to die, how was I supposed to know that was a no-no?). I just smiled.

So, it was the uncle’s job to bring the soda (he worked for Coca-Cola, I was going to say he worked for Coke but I don’t want you to think they were druggies or something, they are good people) but the problem was he was ALWAYS late. I am talking hours late. Why would you have someone bring the drinks who wasn’t going to get there until dessert? Needless to say, we drank tap water. When the turkey was out of the oven and everyone was ready to eat, we said grace and started to fill our plates. Oops, I also forgot to tell you that we ate with plastic utensils and that we only had spoons that year (who’s turn was it to bring the silverware?) Another problem was, no one actually carved the turkey. They had set the turkey on a tv tray in the kitchen and people would come over and rip a little piece off with their fingers (weird!) When in Rome.

The food was delicious and I just rolled with it (way different from my growing up with PaPa and NaNa, at least NaNa had silverware) but the cornbread was a different story. Every year my mother in law would bring the cornbread. I am not a fan of cornbread but I will try anything once. Once was enough, I think her cornbread would work better as a hokey puck or maybe one of those things you throw in the air and use for shooting practice (what are those things called? Skeet?).

Pretty soon the neighbors made their way in and filled up their plates. There were about 30 people in this little apartment and everyone was talking (loudly) and having a great time. Grandma was watching TV (with the subtitles on so she could know what was going on because it was so loud) and one of the Uncles was telling a story. The cousins were going on about how good my mashed potatoes and mac n cheese was (ya right, I know what they were saying about Miss Shar’s greens) and by this time, I was done with my food. This is when Miss Shar announced she had to leave and thank you for everything. They all smiled and told her good-bye and as soon as the door closed the trash talking started again. Can you believe Miss Shar made those greens from a can? Shooooot!

About this time the uncle and his current girl friend showed up with the soda! Yea, just in time for pie. I have to say they made awesome sweet potato and pecan pie. We ate pie and it was time for the braiding and hair styling to begin (yep, you heard me right)! So, while people were still eating, the baby cousins (probably about 10-12 years olds) would sit down and start braiding each other’s hair. Right during dinner (not something I was used to). One of them grabbed me and sat me down on the floor and started in on the styling (not all braids for me, she had something fancy in store). By the time I was done my hair was a greasy mess and the little one was so proud of herself! I had to sport that hair do for the rest of the night. After dinner we all went outside to the courtyard to hang out (the neighbors starring at my hair). The aunties came out and started making their plans for the night, where they were going clubbing downtown and what celebrities were in town (I guess they ran into Luther Vandross one year). They were trying to get us to go with them but you had to see my hair to know why I couldn’t go anywhere. I had to get home and wash my hair. I can remember my ex saying he was meeting them up at the club that night, and I should go too (ya right, like he wanted me to go, it would ruin his game with the ladies). I just remember wanting to stay home and start decorating the tree. So that is what I did, by myself, while he was out doing whatever he did. Pretty interesting Thanksgiving huh?


Another one I can remember is when the Phastgirls (our name for ourselves…Pretty Hot and Seriously Tempting- not easy, loose or slutty, just fast) decided to do a dinner of our own. Problem was, none of us could cook. We all met up at Arlet’s house. Monica bought a turkey breast from the deli and put it in the microwave and forgot to take it out of the plastic container. I think we had some nice hors d’oeuvre and lots of wine. When it came down to it, the wine was good and we laughed our butts off about the turkey and had a great time! We made sundaes for dessert.

So that is my walk down memory lane. I have to say I am truly blessed and I would not change any of my Thanksgivings for anything. I am surrounded by wonderful people who I love and love me. I hope I can give my children some wonderful Thanksgivings (hopefully not as boring as Nana and Papa style) and teach them to be content and thankful with what we have.

Another day in my life.

Who Would Have Thought That Just Dance 3 Would Be So Dramatic!

I bought Just Dance 3 for the kids and I. I thought it would be a fun game we could do together as a family and I could get a work out. Well, I was wrong. It turned out to be awful. It ended up with Teagan crying and yelling. Let me tell you what happened…


They were all excited to pick out the song. Teagan picked Party Rock (he loves that song) and we picked our color and our dancers. At first they thought it was really fun. They looked so funny gyrating around to the music. Teagan has a little bit of rhythm but Delaney has absolutely none, zip, zero (super cute though). So, they were really into it and so was I. I wanted to get all the moves right and I was working up a sweat doing it. When the song was over and we were scored I was so excited to do as good as I did on my first try. Teagan was not too happy. He was mad. I guess he is competitive like his Dad and he was not happy that I had done better than him. I told him it was beginners luck and we picked a new song. You can see I only got 2 stars on my first try, but Teagan was still upset.


The second song ended the same way. I won and Teagan was crying about me being good and him losing! Delaney was still standing there trying to focus on her moves (poor little girl). This went on for a few more songs and I was having a blast while my 6 year old was having a break down. I ended up having to turn it off and we had to have a little lesson about being a sore loser (I guess I could have thrown the dance a little). After moving on to play dough, we decided to give it another try. This time I got smart and opted out. I let Teagan and Delaney do their dance while I cheered and took pictures. Teagan danced all over his poor sister and he was happy once again.

It made me remember back in the day when Shiloh and I got a hold of a copy of Darrin’s Dance Grooves. We would have a couple of glasses of wine and bust out our DVD. Oh, we were serious. Thankfully there is no video evidence. And we could tear up the floor at  galactic bowling when we would bust out our moves. Can you say Saaa-weeet? I think I still remember the routine.

Now Just Dance 3 is a family favorite (as long as mom doesn’t dance). We even had friends over and all the kids were so cute trying to dance. Teagan even played it cool and didn’t throw a fit (I didn’t dance against him, so we didn’t have an issue). I did dance against my friend Yadira and her 11 year old daughter Elizabeth. I was so mad that I did so bad and then I realized I was looking at the wrong score and it was really me who did pretty well. Talk about me feeling dumb. We had so much fun but Elizabeth was really good and I kept getting beat by an 11 year old!

So, next time you come over remind me you want to play Just Dance and maybe we will even have Just Dance 4!

Another day in my life.


Can I Just Go Back To Bed And Start Over?

I have been getting ready for my candle sale on December 1st. I thought I would try to be ahead of the game this year. I have been putting all the candles out so I can see what I have. I have a list of everything but I am a very visual person. As I was putting everything out, I didn’t feel like I had enough Creme Brule (I have a lot, don’t get me wrong, I just want to sell a ton so I need more). I also was thinking I needed some more tart bars (people are loving them and they sell really well). I had ordered wax back in August so I could make anything I needed and I was going to make them back in September but my wax melter kept blowing the fuse and I had to wait for my brother to come fix it.


Derek came by yesterday and fixed the melter so I decided today was the day to fire it up and make the rest of what I need for the sale. I opened the first box and to my horror (I think I said some not nice words to myself) it was the wrong wax. There are all kinds of waxes. Wax for pillar candles, wax for dipping, wax to look shiny, wax to look rustic, wax for canning and there is my special formula I special order for my container candles. This is the ONLY wax that works with my fragrance (I use expensive scent that smells wonderful!) because I use such a high concentration of scent. The company shipped me the wrong stuff. They ar way up in Northern California and they had to truck it down and now it is the week before Thanksgiving and I have no wax!!!I called good old Richard at the company and he said he would get right back to me. When he did, he said everyone at the company was confused. He wanted pictures (of course, because I would lie or I don’t know what soy wax looks like) to show them because they are so baffled. Then he wanted me to open the boxes. They just couldn’t figure out what happened. I opened the boxes and yes, they were still wrong. He then assured me he knew I wasn’t making this up but this had never happened before. He said it had been over 2 years since the company had made any mistake with shipping the wrong product. I then told him it was me he was talking to and if it was going to happen it would happen to  me!

He called me back a few hours later (he had called me about 5 times already) and told me there was good new and bad news. The good news was yes, indeed it was the wrong wax and they would fix it. The bad news was that normally they had plenty of raw materials to make me my wax but someone had put in a huge order the week before and they were out of everything to make my wax! The raw material would not be in until Tuesday and they cannot ship it to me until after Thanksgiving. Of course they can’t. Hello, it is me we are talking about.

I didn’t break down and cry on the phone. I told Richard that I would let God handle it and that we better start praying. All I heard was silence on the phone. Maybe Richard isn’t into praying but I am. This is just another lesson to the control freak in me that I am not in control, God is. So, I have to just sit back and wait on the Lord to work this out for me, whatever way He sees fit. He has never failed me and I know He will take care of this too.

So, I decided to use the little wax I had left in the melter to make some tart bars. Well, hahaha! Not funny, but it is funny. Because there was so little wax in my huge melter the fuzzy logic temperature control (yep, pretty high-tech) was off and it made the wax too hot. I didn’t notice this (why would I, I have fuzzy logic temp. control) and I went ahead and poured about 150 tart bars. After they cooled down is when I discovered I had melted the little plastic packages (annihilated them actually!) and they were all warped. They are still going to pop out of the packages just fine and work in all of your melting pots but I am not sure how “professional” the packaging looks.

So, after a discouraging day I am here sharing this with you. I will keep you posted on when the wax comes. I know it will get here, I have faith. I also know that I stress every year about not having enough inventory and I always have plenty. But, please come to my sale and buy everything because if we run out…. I will make more!

On a good note, Delaney wanted to help me. I asked her to bag up 6 t-lites in each bag and they all had to be the same color. She did it and then told me she had work to do in the front yard (she did this while I was working on melting the tart packs to oblivion). This is how I found her. If there is a little grass in your t-lite bags I am so sorry!

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Check out the Calendar I Made

We really needed a family calendar. We just can’t keep up with all the homework, projects, sports and everything else. I have my appointment book where I write client appointments and all our life happenings but it is at a week glance and Brad never looks in it. So, I decided to make a calendar. There is a girl on Etsy that will sell you a white vinyl custom printed calendar to put in a picture frame so I decided to save the money and make one.

Here is what I did.


I bought a 16 x 20″ frame from Joann’s it was on sale 60% off! I love a good deal.


Here are the pieces. I used the cardboard from inside the frame. Next time I will measure the cardboard and make sure it is big enough because this cardboard was a tiny bit small and the rough edges of the burlap show on my finished project.


I sprayed the cardboard with adhesive and I glued the burlap to it. I then cut around the edges. If I was smart, I would have left a little overhang so that it would have hidden the fact that my cardboard was too small. Oh well, next time.


I then used the metal elbow ruler to measure out my squares. You would think this was the easy part but noooo, it was hard. After throwing away one piece of burlap I ended up making a pattern on the frame insert and using it as a guide. I used a Sharpie pen to make the lines. I had to go buy a new Sharpie because my old one didn’t have a sharp enough tip.

cut outs

I then iron fusible web onto the back of some cute fabric and made cut outs of our name to put on the calendar then ironed it on. Then I took the black Sharpie pen and drew around the letters to give it some character.

finished calendar

So here it is all done. What do you think? I didn’t put the days of the week on the burlap. I actually forgot to leave a space at the top for the days of the week but I just wrote on the glass, over the letters,  with the dry erase marker (works good enough, right?). I am in the process of making another one because this one bugs me. The new one I will write the days with Sharpie on the burlap. Now I have to hang it up. If you have been to my house you will know that we have lived here two years and I still have frames sitting on the floor where they should be hanging on the wall. I will hang this up, I put that on my to do list!


I made this one for my friend for her birthday (shhhh, she doesn’t know it yet, so don’t tell her). I like the way this one came out much better.

Another day in my life.


I know it is not Thanksgiving yet.

I have never done this before. I am usually all stressed out around the holidays. For me it is my busiest time of the year. Not just because it is Christmas but because it is candle season. When you have a seasonal business you have to make hay when the sun shines. Well, I start selling candles when it is getting to be chilly outside (not many people want to burn candles in the summer unless it is to keep the bugs away) which makes October through December is my busy time. Not only do I get busy with candles but the kids get busier, we have more parties to go to and fun things to do. So many years I can remember not being able to really celebrate Christmas and all the festivities because I was so exhausted and burned out from work. I have finally learned my lesson. I looked at the calendar and if I don’t decorate now, it is not going to get done (yes I have had many a year without even a tree but that was pre-children). So, make fun of me all you want but my tree is up (only half decorated but it is up) and we have started to decorate!

While Brad and I were in the attic digging out all the Christmas stuff, the kids were coloring (or we thought they were coloring). Did I mention I have these incredible kids with really long attention spans? They can color for hours and be so happy doing it. Not today. My mom always says, ” Kids and pets will make a fool of you every time”. I don’t know about making a fool of me but they didn’t stay busy coloring. They made a fort.


This was their interesting fort. It was made out of their trampoline and all my candle holders, books, boxes and whatever they could find in the living room. It looks kind of dangerous if you ask me (what kind of parents let their kids make this kind of fort?). They even decorated it with pictures frames they found around the house. They were so proud of themselves. They even packed snacks (see the trail mix bag on the trampoline) and some toys for their camp out. They weren’t too happy when I made them take it down but I convinced them it wouldn’t fit in the living room with the Christmas tree and everything else that goes with it. They were happy about cleaning it up after that.

After they cleaned up Brad started to put together the tree. We have an artificial tree and I am so excited about it. Last year after Christmas I was checking out Craig’s list and I noticed quite a few Christmas trees for free. I started searching daily for one that said 9′ Costco Christmas tree (because that was the one I had wanted before Christmas and we didn’t want to pay $400 for one). I found these little old people in Poway that were giving one away. They were getting up there in age and didn’t need to have such a large tree. They were putting it out on the curb for anyone to take for FREE!!!. I called them and convinced them to save it for me until I could get there later that night. I made them my new grandparents and they even invited me in for tea and cookies (I had to decline, who knows if there were psycho killer grandparents or not) but I had to get back home to Brad and the kids. Yes, I went to a Craig’s list meet up alone, at night. They were old and Brad felt safe letting me go (you can give me a lecture later). Grandpa helped me shove the tree in the Tahoe (it only got a little bent) and off I went.

Back to the Christmas tree. Brad set it up and plugged in the lights and it worked for about 5 minutes before a section of lights went out. The poor guy spent about 2 hours trying to figure out where the lights were supposed to ‘correctly’ plug in. He gave up that night and the next day went to buy a light detector.

patchy lights

Naomi happened to stop by while all this was happening and thought we were crazy for decorating before Thanksgiving and snapped a picture of our tree from the street view (she even put it on Facebook).


Brad spent another hour or so (this free tree is starting to add up in man hours) fixing the lights and we were finally ready for decorating. While Brad was busy with the lights and the kids had colored and then made a fort, they decided to decorate their own tree. I love how they used the huge ornaments and they left the ornaments in the boxes and just hung them on the tree. Delaney was especially proud of herself.


Teagan and Delaney helped me unwrap some of the decorations and put (throw) them on the couch (they are still sitting there). I think we will decorate a little at a time. Maybe we will make this our nightly family fun for the next week.


So here is the tree without decorations but hey, the lights work. And you don’t have to tell me I don’t have any window coverings because I know this (I am working on it) but I am thinking of hanging garland from the hooks!

I will keep you posted on how the decorating is going and if we ever finish it. The kids are excited to get their Elf on the Shelf out and I have already been telling them to be good because Elkan (our elf) is going to report back to Santa. I guess this is to be continued…

Another day in my life.

Vinyl Table Cloth Seat Covers

I used to make fun of my mom because she always had a plastic or vinyl tablecloth on the table when we were growing up. Now I know she is the smartest woman alive. Sometimes it is not about being cool, but about being practical. I think I am turning into my mother.

I like the distressed or rustic look and  I have a beautiful dining room table that is carved teak wood from India. Does anyone ever see it? NO, I keep it covered up because one drink on it and it is ring city (you should see our Indian coffee table). I think one day when the kids are older the table can come out for display with beautiful placemats and settings but for now with a 4 and 6-year-old, it is staying under wraps (or until I decide to get rid of it and get something more practical). I am now all about the vinyl tablecloth. I get them for $5 at Wal-Mart and I have one for every season! When it gets trashed, it goes in the trash. So easy.

I also have these really nice bar stools. They are covered in a velvety pattern fabric and they are really nice. Not so nice with kids around. I decided I like the vinyl , why not make a vinyl seat cover. This way when the kids thrash them with food and glue or paint or whatever they are doing I don’t have to worry about it.

towel cover

I have had old towels on the bar stools forever (I confess, 2 years) and this is what they look like on a daily basis.

cut out

So I cut out a piece of tablecloth that would fit over and around the seat. I would give you my measurement but you need to measure your own to make sure they are going to fit. I rounded the corners and I did not finish the edges (some of the tablecloth edges were already finished). This is a picture of my Christmas ones I am making since I forgot to take a picture of the fall one.

zig zag

I used 1/4″ elastic from Wal-Mart. One $1.44 package did all 4 seat covers. I zig zag stitched the edge and I pulled the elastic as tight as it would stretch as I sewed.

make chair covers

It kind of looks like a giant shower cap when it is finished.

I think they turned out great. The wrong side of the tablecloth, where the felt is, sticks to my velvet seat cover and it holds it in place (it doesn’t slip around). Now I have to finish sewing the Christmas ones.

Another day in my life.

1900 Injections and Still Counting!

I sometimes feel like I need to just spill whatever is on my mind. I am not sure you want to hear about it, but since my blog is titled “Another Day in My Life” I’m just going to put out there. I guess this is kind of like a dear diary (now don’t you feel privileged you get to read my diary or does it creep you out? heh heh). Maybe the only person who reads this is my mom and in that case I doubt you are finding out anything new about me (or maybe you are). It has been kind of nice when friends have called to tell me they have read this and they think I am funny, or they say things like, “I never knew that about you before”. Dude wants me to start video blogging (vlogging) so you can actually hear and see me tell my stories. I am still trying to learn how to work my camcorder (I want to inspire you, not make you sick) but as soon as I do, I will be sure to make an awesome video for you. Until then here is what happened last night.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society called me last night. They want me to send out some letters to some friends asking for support. I am the busiest person on the planet and I almost told them no but I changed my mind and told the guy to mail me the letters. I don’t know if I will hand them out, I probably will to a few close friends. The phone call made me think. It made me sad for all the people suffering with this disease that is yet to be cured. Then I remembered, Oh duh, I have it too (it is amazing how I forget sometimes).I really would love it if they could find a cure for MS, but is that really possible?

I am not shy about talking about having MS but I don’t talk about it for sympathy. It is a part of my life. It is always there even if I don’t want it to be. I try not to think about it (not always a good thing). If I tell myself I feel good, then I do. No one feels good all the time right (I am sure there are people out there who feel a lot worse than I do every day)? It is always at night when I have to give myself my daily medication that I remember how much having MS really sucks!  I just hope that by me talking about it, people might understand it more.

Since I was diagnosed in 2007 I have given myself over 1900 injections. The meds for MS are only injectable and I really hate that part. I don’t mind the needles (they don’t faze me anymore), I can give myself my shot with my eyes closed. It is what happens after the injections. The medication breaks down my tissue and causes these lumps under my skin (big lumps and they are sore for a few days). After so many injections (I try to rotate the injections sites but there are only so many places I can shoot up) my body is turning into a lumpy mess and it has only been 6 years. I hate to think of how lumpy I am going to be in 6 more years (yuck). Most women my age are worrying about cellulite on their thighs and let me tell you honey, cellulite ain’t got nothing on these lumps on my thighs  (in my head I keep hearing Fergie singing… my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps, check it out). I am a pretty strong, secure woman but I have to tell you I am starting to get a complex about this (it is a good thing my husband thinks I am hot).

I could switch medications but the other ones I have tried give me flu-like symptoms. The meds I take give me the flu symptoms about every 6 months (this is so weird and doesn’t happen to everyone, lucky me) and then my body readjusts and I am fine. I am trading the flu for lumps. I am not sure if that is the best trade-off. They are supposedly coming out with an oral medication but I have read up on some of it and the side effects are not fun and I don’t feel like dying anytime soon so I am going to wait until they have tried it on enough willing participants to feel like it is safe (no guinea pig here, sorry).

So, I keep injecting. The meds are supposed to slow the progression of MS. I really hope it is working. The stories that freak me out are of the people who have MS and are fine one day and the next day they just can’t walk. How crazy is that? Or, they wake up and they can’t see (I did have that happen and it was really scary). Besides taking my medication there is really nothing I can do to stop it Oh ya, diet and exercise helps), so I try not to think about that part of it. I thank the Lord every day for all he has blessed me with. I pray that I can handle whatever life throws at me and that I can be good example to my kids. And hey, if it gets down to it, I will just bling out my cane, or my eye patch and head out to little league, or dance class or where ever.

Another day in my life.