Contest! Win $100 in Designs By Chelle Candles!

Win $100 in Designs By Chelle Candles Are you excited? Well, I am! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Let the contest begin!!!!! All you have to do is promote my Designs By Chelle business page on your wall, on your page, via message, or email, and ask that the person(s) to go like my Designs By Chelle Business page. Then they just have to come over here to the blog, and comment on THIS blog post, letting … [Read more…]

An Easy Toy Story Jessie Costume!

Marci told me her son Joshua was going to be Woody from Toy Story for Halloween. Her husband Joe was going to be Mr. Potato head and she wanted to make a Jessie costume. We started to talk about it and I told her I could help her. Well, then I just ended up saying, “bring it over and I will make it for you”. She bought a super cute pair of jeans from the … [Read more…]

Pumpkin Carving

Brad gets really into pumpkin carving and this year was no exception. We went to the Howell’s the other night and carved pumpkins. We had such a great time with all our friends. The kids ran around and played and Dave grilled us some hot dogs. When we got there Brad realized he forgot his carving templates. Dave’s printer was out of ink, so Brad decided to run home to get his pictures (this is … [Read more…]

My Girls Trip To Palm Dessert

This year, since I was turning 40, I decided I should spend the month of September celebrating. So, I rounded up seven of my girlfriends and we headed to the JW Marriot in Palm Dessert. It is kind of like mini Las Vegas for bachelor and bachelorette parties, but without the gambling, really posh clubs, and the fantastic shows (alright, so it isn’t like Vegas at all). I just wanted a cocktail and little sun … [Read more…]

My Garage Sale Find This Morning

We found a Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker at a garage sale this morning! We were driving home from soccer and the kids spotted a garage sale (they actually spotted a stuffed sponge bob but that was not happening). Do you remember a few weeks ago when Delaney spotted Justin Bieber (the cut out) at the garage sale and now he is living with us? Well, I stopped and looked around and what did I find… … [Read more…]

Izzy, Jake and the Neverland Pirate Costumes!


My kids wanted to be Izzy and Jake from Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So, of coarse I am going to make that happen. Now, if it had been this Halloween, we wouldn’t have a problem because they have the costume at the Disney Store. It happened to be May of 2011 (Delaney wanted an Izzy birthday party) and there were no Jake and Izzy costumes to be found. I am always up to … [Read more…]

Drama Mama At The Soccer Field

Ok, so let me just tell you that I am a low maintenance, non toxic kind of girl that has never been in a physical fight in my life. I don’t mind a little confrontation and I have been known to voice my opinion (sometimes loudly and sometimes under my breath) once in a while but I try to do it with tact and class. I am a straight shooter and I don’t play games, I’m … [Read more…]

Oh What A Garage Sale!


Cleaning out and getting rid of stuff just has to happen. I have been needing to clear out the garage for months so I can get ready for my candle sale. The kids rooms are filled with broken toys and things they don’t use anymore. They have grown out of their clothes and it is time to purge. I started cleaning out Delaney’s room first. I did it while she was at school. Wouldn’t you … [Read more…]

A few of my favorite things (nutrition things that is).


OK, so this is getting personal but I am pretty much an open book so here you go… I was not loving my doctor at Kaiser so I decided to shop for a new one (one through Kaiser that is). I wrote down a list of questions and I figured I would interview this new doctor and see if it he is a good fit for me. I have all kinds of weird medical issues … [Read more…]

We took a trip to Oma’s Dairy Farm Pumpkin Patch.


Every year about this time we take a trip to the pumpkin patch. It is weird to think we live in Southern California and we have this cute country town pumpkin patch (it makes me feel like I am in Texas or something). Now, this is no ordinary pumpkin patch. It is like the Disneyland of pumpkin patches. Oma’s is a working dairy farm and they have all kinds of fun things for the kids … [Read more…]