How to make an eReader cover

eREader Cover

I have been making these covers for the past 2 years. I think I have sold about 300 of them on Ebay. They are not hard to make. I use chip board glued to pellon and then cover them with fabric. I was making them in advance, but I have so many styles now that I make them when they are ordered. Sometimes I am up all night making these things. I have had people … [Read more…]

Girl day is face painting day!

On the days that Teagan has school Delaney and I have “girl day”. We get to do girly things without worrying about the boys. She really likes to have her face painted on girl day, so today’s request was Merida and her bear brothers from the movie ‘Brave’.     I like to use Mehron face painting colors because they go on smooth and they blend easily. I use a small spray bottle to wet … [Read more…]