1900 Injections and Still Counting!

I sometimes feel like I need to just spill whatever is on my mind. I am not sure you want to hear about it, but since my blog is titled “Another Day in My Life” I’m just going to put out there. I guess this is kind of like a dear diary (now don’t you feel privileged you get to read my diary or does it creep you out? heh heh). Maybe the only person … [Read more…]

A few of my favorite things (nutrition things that is).


OK, so this is getting personal but I am pretty much an open book so here you go… I was not loving my doctor at Kaiser so I decided to shop for a new one (one through Kaiser that is). I wrote down a list of questions and I figured I would interview this new doctor and see if it he is a good fit for me. I have all kinds of weird medical issues … [Read more…]