My White Trash, Redneck, Trailer Park 40th Birthday Party!


My sweet husband decided to throw me a white trash birthday party… This is what the invitation said… My old lady is turning 40 and I is throwin her this party. I telled her I was throwin her a 30th party so don’t tell her you know her reel age. It is not a suprise cuz you cant pull anyting over on her. Plus, she luves Walmart. Were gonna have contests with reel good prizes.We … [Read more…]

Delaney’s Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party

Delaney Was turning 4 and decided she wanted a Disney Little Mermaid Ariel birthday party. I found this amazing invitiation online and added my own font. We invited 10 girls and I made each girl a bucket of goodies. In it I put goldfish crackers, Ariel tatoos, a Little Mermaid beachtowel, and  a mermaid skirt for dress up. I found this tag online added my own font, then tied bows with ribbon I got out … [Read more…]

Green and Blue Paisley Theme Baby Shower


A shower for baby Lucas… So, I thought all my friends were done having babies but apparently this is still happening! I just found out a few more of my friends are preggers so there might be some more shower fun coming soon. Anyway, when we found out Marci was having a baby boy, her sister Michelle and I decided to bring all our new ideas to fruition. Now, this happened a few months ago, … [Read more…]