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adding cookies

Today we made Brookieos (cookie, brownie, Oreo cakes)

Brookieo??? I think I have heard them called chocolate chip brownie with Oreo cakes but Brookieo is much more fun! I have also heard them called “slutty brownies” (because when you break up with your boyfriend you eat everything in sight and go all slutty-just repeating what I have been told) but I didn’t want to answer of any Delaney’s questions on that one. heh heh.

These really are the easiest things in the world (I don’t do anything but easy, trust me). Marci has made these before (she has the best baking ideas for me to steal) and I just think she is a better baker than me because hers came out really good (mine were good, but they stuck to the paper and hers did not) and didn’t stick to the papers. She also told me she baked them for 15 minutes at 350 but when I tried that they were still soupy when I took them out.I had to bake mine for 25 minutes.

This is what I did:

  • 1 bag of Betty Crocker’s choc chip cookie mix. Make them according to the instructions and put a scoop of batter in the bottom of your muffin cup (I used the papers in mine because they stick).
  • Then put  a Oreo on top of the cookie batter and gently press down.
  • 1 box Betty Crocker’s brownie mix. Make that according to the instructions and spoon a little bit over the cookie. Don’t fill it to full or high because they will puff up a little and could spill over.
  • Bake at 350 for 20-25 mins. I looked at other recipes on-line and they all said 20-25 mins (Marci must have a magic oven).

adding cookies

Check out the rubber gloves I made Delaney wear because she had a runny nose! She loves wearing gloves. I didn’t want germs in the food (aren’t you happy I am such a safe baker? haha) and I kept watch to make sure she didn’t touch her face (you can never be too careful you know).

Brookieos done!


Wahhh laaah! Brookieos.

Now we are off to Vikki and Ryan’s for dinner. We are going to have Brookieos for dessert and top them off with ice cream and whipped cream. YES!

Another day in my life.

We just had the best dinner at Nicolosi’s!

I know, I know, I have been horrible about posting lately. I have had lots of emails and even phone calls asking, “Where are you and why haven’t you blogged?” I really have no excuse. I guess I can just blog about anything but I want to give you fabulous blogs with beautiful photos! Well, those fabulous pictures take me forever to load. I have to figure out a faster way. Until then, I am plugging away. So, don’t you want to know about our dinner?


I have been hearing about Nicolosi’s my whole life. I think my grandparents were regulars there. We decided to try them (why it took 40 years to get there, I will never know). Uncle Will gave us one of those restaurant gift cards for Christmas. You know the one from Costco that you can choose all kinds of restaurants? Well, we wanted Italian and we didn’t want to go all the way downtown so we chose Nicolosi’s on Jackson and Navajo and I am so glad we did.

When Brad called to check the location (it was different on our gift card list than on their website) I made him make a reservation. I am so glad we did because the place was packed! The owner, Barbara, sat us and we told her it was our first time. They gave us the royal treatment (but when I looked around I think they give everyone the royal treatment) and we had the best service we have had in a long time.

Our server, Krista, was so nice and right on everything. She never forgot about us, kept our drinks filled and even remembered the fork I had asked for. She was friendly and seemed like someone I would probably hang out with (do you think she would have thought I was a crazy person if I had invited her on our next girls trip!). We liked her a lot. She even took this picture of us.


Our food was the BOMB! I know, I sound like I am 15, but it was really good.  I should have brought my fancy camera because my cell phone camera doesn’t do this food justice but I didn’t want to look like a food critic or a tourist at dinner (plus my camera is super heavy). We ordered way to much but we have leftovers for tomorrow. Brad and I  had pizza and lasagna. Teagan had spaghetti but it was Delaney’s oven baked mac n cheese that was TO DIE FOR! You know I never have a problem eating some yummy mac (I didn’t get this body from eating vegetables!) and let me tell you it was delish!

Ok, so we WILL be going back there but here is the great thing… they are opening up a new location in El Cajon on Main Street (the old Mangia Bene location sorry Mangia Bene) in three weeks. We have had many baby showers, bridal showers and parties in the backroom at Mangia Bene and Barbara said that room will still be available.  I have to remember to call my brother and let him know (he doesn’t read my blog-whatever).

Another day in my life.


My White Trash, Redneck, Trailer Park 40th Birthday Party!

My sweet husband decided to throw me a white trash birthday party…

This is what the invitation said…

My old lady is turning 40 and I is throwin her this party. I telled her I was throwin her a 30th party so don’t tell her you know her reel age. It is not a suprise cuz you cant pull anyting over on her. Plus, she luves Walmart.

Were gonna have contests with reel good prizes.We will be providing some kinda slop for chow, but please bring an appeteezer, cassarole or a desert to share.WE is gonna have a prize for the best one in the trailer park.

This here is a trashy party, so you best Bring your own quality beer (Pabst, Old Milwakee, Naty Ice, Miller High Life etc.) You will be turned away at the dorr if you bring any of that impurt crud.

Redneck/White Trash duds- clothing rekwired, for some of you classy folks who threw out yer overalls years ago. For the rest of you…I am sure you can get all gussied up…. probably not too much different then yer usually outfits you’d wear to any ol’ hooten nanny.

Decorate a toilet seat. Bling it up good. We gonna to hang them up and vote on the best one.

If you gonna drank dont drive. You can crash on our flour or bring your trailer and park it out front.

Most important, we don’t have our brats and we dont wanna see yours.

He was going hand write these words and print them out on white lined paper for the best white trash invites ever. Then mail them in the envelopes we have been saving from our bills (we pay online), but he decided to do an Evite instead (much easier and cheaper). So, I am using the paper and envelopes for the thank you notes. Just you wait friends! Ha!

I’m the birthday girl!


I bought this dress at Amvets (I thought it was a dress and found out it is really a nightie) .

Check out my real fox feet earrings (sorry PETA, I bought the feet at an estate sale!).

So, about the decorations…

I wish I could say these were my ideas but Brad was the one that came up with everything (maybe he should have his own blog!). He spent a week getting ready for the party.

partee sign

Miss spelled spray painted partee (party) sign in the front yard (he even parked the car on the lawn).


 Miss spelled bertday (birthday) sign with old pictures of me in the entry way.

Beer can garland and more spray painted sheets hanging in the family room.

You know you are redneck when you don’t have to take any internet photos and make then your own we already had enough white trash family photos to put up!

Oh, and Kenny Rogers!

cooler and centerpieces

We used a blow up kiddie pool for the drinks and these beautiful paper flower centerpieces.

I poured soup cans 3/4 full of quikrete, then I poured soy wax on top of that (didn’t want to fill the whole can up with wax because they didn’t need to burn for months) to make candles for the tables.

party favors

For party favors we made White Trash Boob Job kits and Trailer Trash Love Gloves which were balloons!


This is what the packages said.

bottle lights

Brad worked really hard on his beer bottle lights. He took Christmas lights and inserted them into the bottles then used black electrical tape to secure them. Now, doesn’t he look hot?

wind chimes

I especially like the wind chimes he made.

Here is a list of the decorations:

  • Miss spelled birthday signs on cardboard
  • Spray painted miss spelled sheet signs hanging from the trees in the front yard
  • Cars parked on the lawn
  • American flags down the driveway
  • Beer can wind chimes
  • Foil and sheets hanging from the windows inside the house
  • Beer can garland
  • Beer bottle lights
  • Kiddie pool full of ice and drinks
  • Decorated toilet seats hanging on the fence
  • Fire ring out back
  • Soup can candles
  • Love glove balloons and Boob Job Kits Balloons party favors
  • butcher paper for table cloths
  • Paper flower centerpieces from the dollar store


My Redneck Family…

I think we are a pretty fun family. Everyone got really into it (especially my in laws and my mom!) and their outfits were hysterical.


Do you think this would make a good Christmas card?

Now, let’s talk about the cake…

I have to say I was very impressed with the cake. It was a trailer with all the amenities.

Trailer Cake


It had an antenna on the top, above ground pool, monster trucks in the front yard, clothing line with clothes on it, couch (made of rice crispies) on the porch, aluminum roof, town trucks and cars in the front yard. And, let’s not forget the hot girl (supposed to be me). We never did eat it, it was just to good to look at!

 And the food… 

Since it was pot luck, we asked that everyone bring a dish to share. We gave a prize for the best food.

We had everything: Twinkies, pigs in a blanket, onion dip, cheez wiz on crackers and even chicken nuggets. We made sloppy Joes and mac n cheese with hot dogs.
kitty litter cake

Joe and Shelly took first place with their ‘Kitty Litter Cake’. Click here for the recipe.

twinkie cake

Marci took second place with her Twinkie and Ding Dong cake on a toilet seat.

food winners

The prizes for the best food:

  • 1st prize was a George Forman grill (from the thrift store) and that went to Shelly for the kitty litter cake.
  • 2nd prize was a slicer (from the thrift store) and that went to Marci for the Twinkie cake on the toilet seat
  • 3rd and 4th prizes were Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread and Chicken Batter and that went to Brooke for her Bologna Pate’ and Shelby for her cornbread and hot dog muffins.
  • I think Shurie should get an honorable mention for the Micky D’s chicken nuggets. She really went all out!

Check out our guests…

Since this was a fancy party, our guests came in their best attire! Brad made a mug shot back drop and we had a friend (Ed Rodden photography) take mug shots of all the guests. Here are a few…


And we played some games…

Brad went all out for this. He shopped hard for the prizes. He made sure they were worth winning!

  • Toilet seat decorating contest- 1st place received Red Neck wind chimes.
  • Spam carving- 1st place received an autographed Daisy Duke photo
  • Ping Pong Ball spitting contest- 1st place received a pet grooming kit (Pedi Paws trimmer and nail scissors with file)
  • Turkey bowling- 1st place received a Snuggie
  • Best Dressed Man- 1st place received a $15.69 Walmart gift card.
  • Best Dressed Woman- 1st place received a $15.69 Walmart gift card.
  • Best Mullet- 1st place received a Mini Mullet Party pack from Blue Q (Body Wash/Car Wash, Mullet Wash, Air Freshener)
  • Best Pregnant lady- 1st place received a ‘Mother Like No Other’ Candle set.

Decorated Toilet Seats

scott's seat Scott won first place with his remote control toilet seat.



We had fun posing in front of the toilet seats!

Spam Carving Contest


Works of art.


Scott was our winner again. He really cleaned up that night. He went home with the autographed Daisy duke photo.

Ping Pong Spitting Contest


These people are serious about their ping pong spitting rules. They made sure the beer can line was straight. If you stepped over the line you were disqualified.


Turkey Bowling

So, we had a left over turkey we didn’t cook last Thanksgiving (how convenient, and I say I am not a hoarder!) and it was just what we needed for the Turkey Bowling. We have a long driveway and it was perfect for this. The guys set up beer cans at the bottom of our driveway and everyone got a turn. The poor turkey was a done deal when it was over!


The Gifts…

People were so generous and so funny! I ended up with a ton of Walmart gift cards (you know I can buy something fancy with those!), flowers, white trash date night pack, mullet headband, moonshine and a beer bottle bong (the boys had fun with that one).


 My gift basket had all kinds of fun things for a white trash date. Zip ties, Vodka in Propel bottles, whip cream, cherries, a plastic window curtain (?), Spam, vegetable oil (?), a jump rope and a few other fun things.

 Best Party EVER!

So, you know you had a good party when your friends call the next day and tell you they hurt from laughing so hard. We laughed all night long and I am still laughing about it. People didn’t start leaving until after midnight (we started at 5pm) and I had to kick the rest of the guests out of the spa at 2:30am! guests

Another day in my life.

Reflecting On A Great Thanksgiving!

And some not so great, and some funny and some…


My mom and I made the turkey for Thanksgiving this year. We cooked it in a bag because it is so juicy and yummy this way (not to mention super easy). I just had to post this picture because it looked so perdy (that is fancy way of saying pretty)!


Here is our spread in front of the trailer (maybe you need to refer back to my previous blogs if you are confused to how my family really is).

Oh, I forgot to mention, this year we did Thanksgiving with my brother’s family at Campland at the Bay. The kids had a blast and the weather was beautiful. I guess this is why we live in So Cal (why we pay the big bucks to live here). My sister-in-law is a wonderful cook and I was a little worried about how we were going to keep everything warm but it turned out great. On the drive home from I started thinking about all the things I am thankful for. It also made me think of some of my Thanksgivings I have had in the past.


When I was a kid we would go to NaNa’s and PaPa’s for Thanksgiving. It was just Mom, Dad, Derek, Nana and Papa (and their stupid dog Tillie that always tried to bite us but my grandparents said it was just “nippy”) and it was the most B-O-R-I-N-G day ever. We would sit around and watch the news while we waited for dinner. We would eat (pretty much in silence) and then the highlight of the night was taking Tillie for a walk around the neighborhood. When we came back we would watch some boring TV, like 60 Minutes or something (fun for a 10 year old), eat pie and then we got to go home. We had cousins in Texas that we never knew (until we were adults) and we had our San Diego cousins, Amber and Kyle, who always went to their other grandparents because Thanksgiving at the Bolton house had tons of cousins and was a blast (I always saw the pictures and heard the stories and secretly wished I had a big, fun family like that).


I don’t want to crush my mom (she will read this and feel bad that she didn’t provide a riveting Thanksgiving experience for her children) so I do have to tell you I have some good Thanksgiving memories. One was who could spot the star on top of Rattle Snake Mountain first (the Hammond family lives on top of the Mountain and has been putting up this giant star as long as I have been alive). I still look forward to seeing that star every Thanksgiving night.

When I was married (the practice wedding, remember) the first time, Thanksgiving was always interesting to say the least. I can’t remember having married Thanksgiving at my families house but I remember the “other” family clearly. I wish I had video of it because it is some of my most funny (I didn’t exactly say fun) memories. This is how it usually went down (if you are part of my ex’s family, I don’t mean any disrespect, but your Thanksgiving was quite a bit differently than my family!).

They had asked me to bring mac-n-cheese and mashed potatoes. I was super young and not a cook so I thought Kraft and instant potatoes was just fine. The problem was DJ (my ex) never told me other wise. We would throw whatever in a 9×13 pan and call it ready. Thanksgiving was usually at my mother in-law’s but the most memorable year was at Dj’s aunt’s one bedroom apartment. Did I tell you his mom had 14 brother’s and sisters (yep, all of us in about 700 sq ft)?

So, we would get there (on time) and all the kids were outside playing in the parking lot and his auntie was getting the bird out of the oven. I remember hearing his cousin talking to the lady next door (everyone in the complex was invited) about how Miss Shar (the neighbor) was bringing the greens and how she better not have gotten them out of a can. They were so funny talking about how Miss Shar was trying to pull off that she had made the greens (shooot, no greens came out of a can!). Then they went on about how she probably makes instant mashed potatoes too (at this point I wanted to die, how was I supposed to know that was a no-no?). I just smiled.

So, it was the uncle’s job to bring the soda (he worked for Coca-Cola, I was going to say he worked for Coke but I don’t want you to think they were druggies or something, they are good people) but the problem was he was ALWAYS late. I am talking hours late. Why would you have someone bring the drinks who wasn’t going to get there until dessert? Needless to say, we drank tap water. When the turkey was out of the oven and everyone was ready to eat, we said grace and started to fill our plates. Oops, I also forgot to tell you that we ate with plastic utensils and that we only had spoons that year (who’s turn was it to bring the silverware?) Another problem was, no one actually carved the turkey. They had set the turkey on a tv tray in the kitchen and people would come over and rip a little piece off with their fingers (weird!) When in Rome.

The food was delicious and I just rolled with it (way different from my growing up with PaPa and NaNa, at least NaNa had silverware) but the cornbread was a different story. Every year my mother in law would bring the cornbread. I am not a fan of cornbread but I will try anything once. Once was enough, I think her cornbread would work better as a hokey puck or maybe one of those things you throw in the air and use for shooting practice (what are those things called? Skeet?).

Pretty soon the neighbors made their way in and filled up their plates. There were about 30 people in this little apartment and everyone was talking (loudly) and having a great time. Grandma was watching TV (with the subtitles on so she could know what was going on because it was so loud) and one of the Uncles was telling a story. The cousins were going on about how good my mashed potatoes and mac n cheese was (ya right, I know what they were saying about Miss Shar’s greens) and by this time, I was done with my food. This is when Miss Shar announced she had to leave and thank you for everything. They all smiled and told her good-bye and as soon as the door closed the trash talking started again. Can you believe Miss Shar made those greens from a can? Shooooot!

About this time the uncle and his current girl friend showed up with the soda! Yea, just in time for pie. I have to say they made awesome sweet potato and pecan pie. We ate pie and it was time for the braiding and hair styling to begin (yep, you heard me right)! So, while people were still eating, the baby cousins (probably about 10-12 years olds) would sit down and start braiding each other’s hair. Right during dinner (not something I was used to). One of them grabbed me and sat me down on the floor and started in on the styling (not all braids for me, she had something fancy in store). By the time I was done my hair was a greasy mess and the little one was so proud of herself! I had to sport that hair do for the rest of the night. After dinner we all went outside to the courtyard to hang out (the neighbors starring at my hair). The aunties came out and started making their plans for the night, where they were going clubbing downtown and what celebrities were in town (I guess they ran into Luther Vandross one year). They were trying to get us to go with them but you had to see my hair to know why I couldn’t go anywhere. I had to get home and wash my hair. I can remember my ex saying he was meeting them up at the club that night, and I should go too (ya right, like he wanted me to go, it would ruin his game with the ladies). I just remember wanting to stay home and start decorating the tree. So that is what I did, by myself, while he was out doing whatever he did. Pretty interesting Thanksgiving huh?


Another one I can remember is when the Phastgirls (our name for ourselves…Pretty Hot and Seriously Tempting- not easy, loose or slutty, just fast) decided to do a dinner of our own. Problem was, none of us could cook. We all met up at Arlet’s house. Monica bought a turkey breast from the deli and put it in the microwave and forgot to take it out of the plastic container. I think we had some nice hors d’oeuvre and lots of wine. When it came down to it, the wine was good and we laughed our butts off about the turkey and had a great time! We made sundaes for dessert.

So that is my walk down memory lane. I have to say I am truly blessed and I would not change any of my Thanksgivings for anything. I am surrounded by wonderful people who I love and love me. I hope I can give my children some wonderful Thanksgivings (hopefully not as boring as Nana and Papa style) and teach them to be content and thankful with what we have.

Another day in my life.

Delaney’s Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party


Delaney Was turning 4 and decided she wanted a Disney Little Mermaid Ariel birthday party. I found this amazing invitiation online and added my own font.


We invited 10 girls and I made each girl a bucket of goodies. In it I put goldfish crackers, Ariel tatoos, a Little Mermaid beachtowel, and  a mermaid skirt for dress up.


I found this tag online added my own font, then tied bows with ribbon I got out of the dollar bin at Michael’s.


For the mermaid skirts I bought tulle and this stetchy teal fabric with silver glitter at Walmart. I cut a piece of fabric 32″ wide and 22″ long. With right sides together I stitched up the back leaving the last 8″ open at the bottom. I zig zag stitched an 18″ x 1/2″ wide piece of elastic to the waist. Then I gathered up a 62″ x 8″ piece of tulle and stitched it over the opening in the back (for a tail or fin look).


Setting the table was so fun. I used the Ariel beach towels for chair covers. I tied each one with a bow of tulle. I used a seafoam green plastic table cloth and Ariel printed plates from Party City (I know it is plastic but I wanted easy clean up).


I had lots of fun sea shells on the table and decorated my plate stand with the extra tulle. I put little glass dishes with goldfish crackers and M&Ms down the center. I had a blast making rice crispie treat sushi. I cheated a little. I was running out of time so I took the packaged premade rice cripie treats and I cut them and molded them into sushi rice. I found swedish fish candy at Michael’s. Then I took the Fruit by the Foot rolls, cut it into stips and wraped it around to look like Nigiri Sushi.

The pink things with the seafoam green sprigs on the top are actually marshmallow strawberries but I thought they looked like something Ariel would eat from the ocean.

The other fun food was the oyster cookies (top plate). I took 2 Pepperidge Farm cookies that look like oysters, put pink frosting in between them. Then I added a small marshmallow for a pearl.


Dude was in town for the party and she was a huge help. She is an amazing face painter. Here is her little mermaid she did!


I made under the sea soda by mixing blue Hawaiian punch, 7-up and lime sherbert (it can also double as Yoda Soda for a Star Wars party just incase you need to do that). It foams up good and looked like sea water.

Delaney had been asking for an Ariel cupcake cake. I had to much to do than to slave over cupcakes so I outsourced. Look what I found at Albertsons of all places! She loved it and her cupcake cake idea was great because we didn’t have to cut it we just pulled off the cup cakes and passed them out.


Since this was a Little Mermaid party of coarse Ariel had to make an appearance. The girls was so cute as they waited, looking out the front window for Ariel. Little did they know that Ariel snuck in the back door (she didn’t want to show off her human legs just yet) and was waiting for them.


Our friend Claire looks just like Ariel. Her grandmother made her this awesome costume and she was the hit of the party. The girls were in awe and it was so adorable to watch.


Ariel read them her own story. She brought with her Sebastian the crab (stuffed, not a real crab, gross) and that was her gift to the birthday girl.

Delaney sat on Ariel’s lap while we sang her Happy Birthday. She didn’t want to move out of her lap. She really did have a wonderful birthday. I hope we gave her memories she will have forever (if not she can look at this blog).

I found these thank you cards online and printed one for each guest with their photo with Ariel.

I think I had more fun than Delaney (it was my party, right?). The whole Ariel theme was so much fun and the girls and their moms had a great time. After Ariel left one little girl told her mom, “I saw her legs”. The mom said, “How did you feel about that?” The little girl said,”I think she was in human form”. Priceless!

Just another day in my life.