Today we made Brookieos (cookie, brownie, Oreo cakes)

adding cookies

Brookieo??? I think I have heard them called chocolate chip brownie with Oreo cakes but Brookieo is much more fun! I have also heard them called “slutty brownies” (because when you break up with your boyfriend you eat everything in sight and go all slutty-just repeating what I have been told) but I didn’t want to answer of any Delaney’s questions on that one. heh heh. These really are the easiest things in the world (I … [Read more…]

We just had the best dinner at Nicolosi’s!


I know, I know, I have been horrible about posting lately. I have had lots of emails and even phone calls asking, “Where are you and why haven’t you blogged?” I really have no excuse. I guess I can just blog about anything but I want to give you fabulous blogs with beautiful photos! Well, those fabulous pictures take me forever to load. I have to figure out a faster way. Until then, I am … [Read more…]

My White Trash, Redneck, Trailer Park 40th Birthday Party!


My sweet husband decided to throw me a white trash birthday party… This is what the invitation said… My old lady is turning 40 and I is throwin her this party. I telled her I was throwin her a 30th party so don’t tell her you know her reel age. It is not a suprise cuz you cant pull anyting over on her. Plus, she luves Walmart. Were gonna have contests with reel good prizes.We … [Read more…]

Reflecting On A Great Thanksgiving!

And some not so great, and some funny and some… My mom and I made the turkey for Thanksgiving this year. We cooked it in a bag because it is so juicy and yummy this way (not to mention super easy). I just had to post this picture because it looked so perdy (that is fancy way of saying pretty)! Here is our spread in front of the trailer (maybe you need to refer back … [Read more…]

Delaney’s Little Mermaid Under the Sea Party

Delaney Was turning 4 and decided she wanted a Disney Little Mermaid Ariel birthday party. I found this amazing invitiation online and added my own font. We invited 10 girls and I made each girl a bucket of goodies. In it I put goldfish crackers, Ariel tatoos, a Little Mermaid beachtowel, and  a mermaid skirt for dress up. I found this tag online added my own font, then tied bows with ribbon I got out … [Read more…]

Chicken and Rice For Dinner Tonight!


When I haven’t thought about dinner and I need to throw something together quick, this is what I do. It is our favorite and I make it once a week. The kids love it and I use dark meat thighs (the kids call this “slippery chicken”) but you can also use chicken breasts. When I took the picture Brad looked at me and said, “and you think that looks good? I mean, I love it … [Read more…]