Don’t eat the Crème Brûlée sugar scrub!

My house smells amazing. Brad says it is a little over powering. Everything is made and set up and I think we are ready. The sugar scrubs are made, the bath salts are ready and the I have made lots of Crème Brûlée candles. I think my favorite this year is the Crème Brûlée sugar scrub. It smells so good you think you could eat it but please don’t! Eeeewwww! I have been busy promoting on Facebook. … [Read more…]

A few of my time management tips.

I had to visit Costco and Wal-Mart today (you know how I have issues with old people there). These are some of the things that made my day go smooth: Go early. Late night too, but stores stock inventory at night and they might not have what you need on the floor. Run your errands around doctor appointments. Go to stores that are close by the appointment. This saves time and gas. Do your grocery … [Read more…]

I am not usually this busy.

I had my day planned out the night before. I need to make the most of my time so I had to be quick and efficient. I am having a cooking class Tupperware party tonight and the only time to shop for it was yesterday. I had that to do, and a million other things. I know I can pack it in, but this day was a little crazy. Most of my days are not … [Read more…]

The Mustang Story


I wrote this out a few years back when I sent a letter to Oprah (she never wrote back). What I should have done was send it to “Overhaulin’” because they could have pimped it out pretty good. I love this story and every time I hear the song I cry. The mustang is ready to be restored again and I think Derek and Brandon (my bro and his 15-year-old son) are ready to tackle … [Read more…]